Empower Your Employees. Better Serve Your Community.

Help your employees earn their ECE AA, CDA Certificate, or enroll them in any of our ECE courses, and your Head Start program could be awarded $10,000!

Penn Foster is proud to announce the Penn Foster Professional Development Grant for Head Start. 

  • Penn Foster will distribute up to $120,000 in educational grant awards to deserving Head Start programs throughout the country that have enrolled employees in our ECE programs.
  • These programs utilize our "anytime, anywhere" delivery method and allow your employees to continue their education while still working. 
  • Grant award can then be applied towards any of Penn Foster’s Early Childhood Education programs.

How It Works

1. ENROLL - Head Start employees & parents simply enroll* in one of Penn Foster’s Early Childhood Education professional development programs before November 31, 2013. You can enroll your employees by calling 1-800-233-0259 (ext. 4016).

2. SHARE - Help spread the word! Be sure to tell fellow Head Start programs in your region about Penn Foster, and encourage their employees to enroll and continue their education. 

3. QUALIFY - When your region collectively invests $125,000 in professional development from Penn Foster, your program** (and all participating programs within your region) will qualify for our $10,000 grant.

4. APPLY - To be considered, tell us why your program is most deserving of our $10K grant by completing the application here. 

5. AWARD - Penn Foster will award*** the most deserving Head Start program a $10,000 grant which your program can use towards any of Penn Foster’s online Early Childhood Education programs! If desired, you may also choose to share the grant with other programs in your region. 

Rules and Regulations

*Tuition must be Paid in Full to count towards the grant.

**Program must have at least one active enrollment in Penn Foster’s ECE programs to be eligible for a grant. Submitting multiple applications will not increase a program’s chances of winning the grant. 

***Penn Foster will decide the most deserving program based upon thorough review and consideration of submitted applications. All grant award decisions are final.

Frequently Asked Questions  

  • a: All of Penn Foster’s Early Childhood Education programs count towards qualifying for the grant. Programs include: Early Childhood Education Associate Degree, Child Development Associate (CDA) Certificate, Child Day Care Management Career Diploma, Child Psychology Certificate, and Teacher Aide Career Diploma.

  • a: Penn Foster will award one $10,000 grant to one program per qualified region. Programs are able to distribute the grant award to their staff and parents or, if they desire, can share the grant award with another program in the region. All 12 regions can have a winning program for a total of 12 grants being awarded.

  • a: The grant is open to all Head Start staff and parents whose programs are participating in the grant program (have invested in Professional Development with Penn Foster). It can be used towards all of Penn Foster’s Early Childhood Education programs.

  • a: No, the grant can only be used towards enrollment in new programs from Penn Foster.

  • a: Head Start programs have 12 months from the date of award (1 year) to redeem the grant.

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