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Adeptli: the new face of Penn Foster Workforce Development


Welcome to Adeptli, a new Penn Foster brand representing our Workforce Development solutions, where we create and deliver essential skills training and apprenticeship programs to meet the needs of existing and emerging workplace challenges. Adeptli marries our rich history in apprenticeship and skilled trades training with our proprietary technology-enabled platform to support, deliver and track programs at scale. As the trusted training partner to over 700 skilled trades enterprises, including construction, manufacturing, and utilities contractors, Adeptli develops the essential job skills that launch and accelerate careers, drive business outcomes and set new standards in workforce performance.


[ noun uh-dept-lee ]

From the Latin word adeptus, meaning “having attained”, representing our brand promise to empower workers to acquire and master the skills they need to close the gap between unmet employer needs and career advancement opportunities.

Industry Leading, On-Demand Training & Apprenticeships

Over 3000 modules of content spanning 35+ occupational pathways

Engineering & Advanced Programs
Construction & Industrial Maintenance
PHC Trades
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The new skills economy requires a new solution - an education provider that can operate independently or within the traditional educational ecosystem to deliver apprenticeship training at scale, in tight coordination with employers providing on-the-job (OTJ) training.

- Collin Gutman, Head of Skilled Trades & Apprenticeships, Adeptli

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