Erin Connors

Erin Connors is the Director of Creative and Community Design here at Penn Foster. She spends her days bringing students together in the Community, planning Meetups, designing the look of the school, and pouring her heart and time into transforming Penn Foster into a family.  Get to know Erin by reading this interview!

RE: Hi Erin!  I’m excited to ask you some questions. 

You’re a reoccurring presence in the Community, a familiar face, but can you describe a day-in-the-life of Erin, from what you do at work here to what you do at home, to paint a better picture of “Erin” for all of us?

Erin Connors: Monday through Friday, my focus is on my team and my work at Penn Foster; planning my week, attending meetings, reviewing creative work, and engaging with students on our social sites. I have a bit of a commute, so I usually get home late. I try to sneak in some gym time when I can, eat dinner, watch Netflix, and spend time with my boyfriend. (Pretty wild, I know!)

My weekends are often spent with friends. I consider myself an extrovert and I love going out to dinner and the movies, grabbing drinks with friends, brunch, weekend road trips, estate sales, and often just relaxing.

RE: Your weekends sound amazing! Speaking of painting pictures, you have one of the most beautiful, fascinating offices filled with lovely pictures and prints of beautiful paintings; and you are a large influence behind the Penn Foster look. Which artists and/or styles do you think influenced you the most with your own artistic vision?

EC: I have always been a creative person. Art was my always my favorite class and I knew I needed a career that would allow me to use my design skills. My true passion is interior design and architecture so I would say that my biggest influence comes from mid-century modern design. I have a little collection of mid-century furniture that I’m quite proud of.  I also love to travel and my experiences abroad have certainly influenced my style. I definitely consider myself more of a graphic artist than a fine artist although I do love fine and historical works of art.

RE: How about creative?  Let’s get a little artistic in print.  What does each letter of your name represent to you?


E - Extroverted C - Cosmopolitan
R - Retro O - Organized
I - International N - Nomadic
N - Nurturing N - Northern
  N - Northern
  O - Outgoing
  R - Realistic
  S - Stylish

RE: Very cool… you are all of those! Since you are someone who really is exemplary, (hence your poem above), I have another question for you; if you could lend any advice to Penn Foster students everywhere, what words of wisdom would you like to share? 

EC: Work on being your best self. Write out your goals, be honest, let go of anger, complain less, don’t make excuses, do nice things for others, tell people you love them, try new things, work harder, get up a little earlier, make time for yourself, reflect on all the positive things and people in your life.

“The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.”

― Henry Ward Beecher

RE: Those are great words of advice. Very motivating! I think I’ll try to wake-up a little earlier tomorrow.  …Maybe. 

You clearly love your job, and you put so much of your heart and energy into what you do. With all the hours you spend working at Penn Foster, what is your favorite part of your job?

EC: I love so many things about my job… creating great experiences for our students, making Penn Foster a school that our students are proud to attend, meeting our students at meet-ups and events like our Graduate of the Year party, and working with my team, are all reasons why I love my job. 

RE: And there you have it; the cosmopolitan, outgoing, and stylish Erin Connors. Thanks for chatting with me today.

EC: You’re welcome! The pleasure is all mine!