This week, Penn Foster’s Early Childhood Education team hosts our Second Annual Penn Foster Professional Development and Career Fair – featuring 30 webinars throughout the week all related to the field of Early Childhood Education! These webinars are great opportunities to learn from and network with ECE professionals, and might just open your eyes to aspects of Early Childhood Education you never knew you were interested in.

Below is a list of the presentations available to students on Monday, October 19th and Tuesday, October 20th. For a complete list of all Early Childhood Education webinars happening this month, check out our post here on the Student Life Blog.  

Monday, October 19 @ 10:00AM EST

Topic – The Upward Spiral: Igniting Passion, Intentionality and Engagement!

Instructor – Susan MacDonald, Guest Speaker

Synopsis – Drawing from the current research on positivity, school transformation, strength-based leadership and mindfulness this workshop will provide insight into the multitude of benefits of creating a vibrant, engaging and strength based learning environment. Through this workshop you will learn to see new possibilities, develop strategies for overcoming set-backs and build a resource kit to guide you on the rewarding path of inspirational leadership. Each participant will be actively engaged in reflective learning activities that will build their understanding of the techniques that they can use to create flourishing learning community.

Monday, October 19 @ 12:00PM EST

Topic – Why Talk Matters: Caregiver Language as a Component of Quality Care

Instructor – Dr. Peggy Sissel, Guest Speaker

Synopsis – The importance of caregiver interaction and use of language with babies 0 - 3 has become a hot topic in the media and among researchers. Many childcare providers and parents are not, however, aware of the developmental importance of providing young children with rich verbal interaction. This session presents the research and rationale for why talking is a vital part of the care every child must have, introduces participants to the groundbreaking technology produced by the LENA Research Foundation, and addresses how this technology can be used to provide staff development and assessment, promote quality, increase parent engagement, and improve the center's or program's public relations and visibility in the community.

Monday, October 19 @ 2:00PM EST

Topic – So You Want to Move Out of the Classroom: Teachers as Leaders and Beyond

Instructor – Ayesha Simpson, Director of Staff Development at Metropolitan Montessori Schools, Inc.

Synopsis – Are you interested in moving out of the classroom and into a leadership position? In this workshop, classroom teachers will learn how to increase their value in the early childhood marketplace and identify educational scholarship opportunities.

Monday, October 19 @ 4:00PM EST

Topic – What Would Magda Do? Supporting Infant and Toddler Development Using the Educarer Approach

Instructor – Camille Lachar-Lofaro, Vice President at QS2 Training and Consulting

Synopsis – During this workshop, we will look at the philosophy of Magda Gerber, early childhood educator and advocate for infants, toddlers, and parents. We will also discuss how to implement the Educarer Approach in your classroom and how to ʺsee babies with new eyesʺ.

Monday, October 19 @ 6:00PM EST

Topic – Tips and Tricks for FREE, Almost FREE and Inexpensive Ways to Obtain Books, Resources, and more for our ECE Classroom!

Instructor – Betsy Reichart, Penn Foster Librarian and Information Literacy Instructor

Synopsis – There is a wealth of FREE, almost FREE and inexpensive ways to provide resources, books and programs for your ECE classroom. Knowing where to look and who to ask is important. This presentation will present varied resources at your disposal to enhance your classroom without breaking your wallet! The resources are out there, find out the best ways to access them.

Monday, October 19 @ 8:00PM EST

Topic – Practicing What We Preach: Creating Safe and Appropriate Landscapes for Learning for Infants and Toddlers

Instructor – Debra Pierce, Author of The CDA Prep Guide: The Complete Review Manual for the Child Development Associate Credential

Synopsis – We will take a look at how to create appropriate environments for infants and toddlers, focusing on their basic needs and providing sensitive caregiving. We will also explore toxins that are often found in toys, baby equipment, and other items commonly used with very young children. By identifying these risks, we can learn to avoid them and provide safer environments for babies and toddlers. Finally, we will discover new play ideas using recycled and repurposed materials.

Tuesday, October 20 @ 10:00AM EST

Topic – How Children Learn Best

Instructor – Pot Kozyra, Author of Tips and Tidbits for Parents and Teachers

Synopsis – This presentation spotlights some very important ways children learn best and why these methods or experiences are so advantageous in a child's education. Included will be information on learning styles, multiple intelligences, music, sleep, play, and good health. 

Tuesday, October 20 @ 12:00PM EST

Topic – Play Based Curriculum: Assessment and Observation

Instructor – Paula Landis, Director of Curriculum at YWCA of Minneapolis

Synopsis – This workshop will support your ability to implement and describe the value and importance of play based learning in your program. Participants will be able to describe the biological imperative for play, use a self-reflective practice to support children's play and incorporate assessments and observations into daily classroom life to save time and deliver more authentic reports.

Tuesday, October 20 @ 2:00PM EST

Topic – Learning Nutrition and Health through Physical Activities

Instructor – Dr. Joanne Margaret Hynes-Hunter

Synopsis – Participants will learn how to increase pre-school student’s health and nutrition knowledge by learning about innovative developmentally appropriate movement games, activities AND assessments that focus on appropriate practices, simple concepts for infusing health and nutrition content, and improving fitness.

Tuesday, October 20 @ 4:00PM EST

Topic – Twenty Tips for Developing Positive Relationships with Families

Instructor – Nancy Moretti, Department Chair of ECE at Penn Foster and Owner of Just For Kids ECLC

Synopsis – Please join Nancy Moretti to learn twenty tips that will improve the relationship that you have with the families of the children that you serve!

If you have only spent a few moments in a childcare center, you know that Early Childhood Educators are BUSY people!  We are juggling caring for children with teaching them. In our busy days, it is easy to forget about families, in this session you will learn 20 simple steps to developing positive relationships!

Tuesday, October 20 @ 6:00PM EST

Topic – Voice Development in Early Childhood

Instructor – Martin Pecar, Educator at Vox Familiaris

Synopsis – Voice is the first instrument that we all use. The easiest way to express ourselves is through our voice. However, this 'instrument' must be handled with care. Children have to learn how to control their voice. In addition, their bodies are small and delicate - and need different approach than adults.

Selection of proper songs for kids will be one of the topics. In addition, there are many activities, which help with correct body posture, hearing and sound production.

Tuesday, October 20 @ 8:00PM EST

Topic – One Step at a Time: Providing CDA Training that is Meaningful, Reflective, and will Translate to Improved Practices with Young Children

Instructor – Debra Pierce, Author of The CDA Prep Guide: The Complete Review Manual for the Child Development Associate Credential

Synopsis – CDA training needs to be well designed, aligned with the CDA Competency Standards, and personally meaningful to the student. If so, the outcome will be a smooth completion of the CDA requirements and the strong potential for improved practices. Participants will learn how to embed key activities into their training that will provide a seamless bridge to completing the CDA process. Ideas, activities, and strategies will be shared that participants can put into immediate use with students.