Early Childhood Education Webinars September 2015

Penn Foster is pleased to offer FREE Early Childhood Webinars to our students and guests! For each live presentation attended, you will receive a certificate to share in your portfolio or to hang in your early childhood classroom/office. Please note that certificates will be given only to those of you that have logged in by clicking on the link sent in the confirmation email. Furthermore, to earn a certificate, you must be logged in for the entire session.

Here are September 2015 Early Childhood webinars.  Follow the links to register for one or all of our free webinars.  All times are Eastern Standard Time.

Wednesday, September 2nd @ 6:00PM EST

Topic – Explore, Experiment, and Excite with Science in Early Childhood Education

Instructor – Sarah Owens, ECE Instructor at Penn Foster

Synopsis - Young children instinctively learn through exploring and experimenting with their environments and the objects within it. Science is an extension of this natural exploration that we often times struggle with implementing into our early childhood classrooms. It is our job to encourage and support children’s natural exploration and experimentation by providing them with engaging and exciting opportunities for science in the classroom. Join Sarah Owens in looking at the vast array of science opportunities available to implement into your early childhood classroom!

Tuesday, September 8th @ 12:00PM EST

Topic – Introduction to Developmental Milestones and Autism Spectrum Disorder: What does an Early Childhood Professional Need to Know?

Instructor – Jana Sarno, Autism Home Support

Synopsis – The presentation will review developmental milestones including cognitive, social-emotional, motor, and language skills for young children. Specific attention will be placed on children ages 1- to 3-years old. The second half of the presentation will provide a high-level description of autism spectrum disorder.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disability with impairments in social communication and interaction. In addition, children with ASD also present with restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior or interests (e.g., insisting on sameness, repetitive motor movements, preoccupation with items). Symptoms of ASD manifest in early childhood; therefore, early childhood professionals should be familiar with typical development and developmental risk factors for children. This presentation will provide an overview of diagnostic features and “red flags” for ASD (e.g., limited language, reduced eye contact, and decreased social initiation).

Thursday, September 10th @ 1:00PM EST

Topic – Competency Goal II: To Advance Physical and Intellectual Competence

Instructor – Nancy Moretti,  Department Chair of ECE at Penn Foster

Synopsis – Please join Department Chair and Professional Development Specialist, Nancy Moretti to learn more about creating your CDA Competency Standard II. During this session, we will brainstorm creating the learning experiences collection item. Come to learn and share!

Tuesday, September 15th @ 12:00PM EST

Topic – Parental and Reception Class Formula Teaching Program

Instructor – John Nicholson, MD Abacus & Alphabet and Winston Hagston, Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Physics   

Synopsis – In this session, John and Winston will introduce a teaching program based on physical demonstrations that are easily absorbed through daily routines provided by parents before children attend primary schools and demonstrated by teachers to children arriving at primary schools without counting and reading abilities.

Thursday, September 17th @ 1:00PM EST

Topic – Competency Goal III: To Support Social and Emotional Development and to Provide Positive Guidance

Instructor – Nancy Moretti,  Department Chair of ECE at Penn Foster

Synopsis – Please join Department Chair and Professional Development Specialist, Nancy Moretti to learn more about creating your CDA Competency Standard III. During this session we will discuss creating your bibliography of DAP children’s books! Please come with your favorites to share!

Thursday, September 24th @ 1:00PM EST

Topic – Author Study of the Month: Lois Ehlert

Instructor – Katie Walsh, ECE Instructor at Penn Foster

Synopsis – Autumn is upon us, and it is the ideal time to curl up with two (or twenty-two) of your favorite books by Lois Ehlert. In our “Author Study of the Month” visit, we will plan various ways to incorporate the works of this treasured author/illustrator into your early childhood classroom, library, or home. Teacher and Children’s Library Program Coordinator Katie Walsh will share wonderful cross-curricular activities and enjoyable story time extensions for many of Lois Ehlert’s books, and will offer tips about how to easily include an "Author of the Month" into your setting each month. This session is designed to offer ideas to parents, early childhood classroom teachers, in-home childcare providers, and school and public librarians. Join us for one or all twelve of the "Author of the Month" sessions.

Wednesday, September 30th @ 12:00PM EST

Topic – Writing for Well-Being

Instructor – Nancy L. Seibel, Founder and Principal of Keys to Change

Synopsis – Often, we are so busy taking care of everyone and everything else in our lives; we neglect something very important - our own well-being. This interactive webinar focuses on affirmative writing, a strategy you can use to increase positive feelings, strengthen well-being and promote professionalism. In addition to what you use for note taking, have an 8x11 piece of paper, and if possible, some colored pencils or fine-point markers.