organizational tips for a homeschooling classroom

Homeschooling offers many benefits for high school students looking for an alternative to the conventional academic environment. However, success largely relies on one thing: organization. Check out these top five tips designed to keep your homeschool classroom organized and optimized for learning.

1. Set Aside Space
Whether you have an entire room to devote to homeschooling or simply a corner of your dining room or den, designate a go-to spot for studying and storing supplies. This helps create an atmosphere of learning while preventing overflow from spilling out into your other living spaces.

2. Implement Storage
While every home may have a “junk drawer,” it does not belong in your homeschool classroom. You’ll want a place and a space for everything. If bookcases and file cabinets work for you, that’s great. Many families, however, choose to get creative – and thrifty. Anything from plastic dishpans to shoe boxes can be used to keep things where they belong. And using a label maker will make it easy for you to find supplies with a quick glance.

3. Make Filing Friendly
While we may be moving toward a paper-free society, some students still prefer having physical copies of their learning materials. If you are a student who likes to print their coursework, make filing a daily responsibility so you don’t wind up with unmanageable stacks of papers to sort through.

4. Practice Time Management
Managing time isn’t easy – it takes regular practice and attention to detail. Think about the regular, fixed-time events in your life – like work, sports practices, etc. – and build your academic routine around those. Don’t overwhelm yourself by creating an unrealistic study schedule. If after a few weeks you find that you can dedicate more time to academics than you had initially budgeted, great!

5. Build in Time
One of the biggest threats to organization? Lack of time. Homeschool transitions can be tricky –particularly when it’s difficult to estimate how much time a particular lesson or task will take to complete. Penn Foster High School’s customizable study plans allow students to set their own pacing, which can be adjusted at any time throughout the learning experience, and can help set you on the right track when it comes to time management.

Setting up a homeschooling classroom while staying organized may be challenging when you're just starting out. However, you'll enjoy saved time, reduced stress, and greater fulfillment in the long run by investing the effort now. For more information on how Penn Foster can help meet your homeschooling needs, get more information here.