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Have you found a passion but are wondering what else you can do with it? Looking to find your way into a new career? Check out some of these career paths that allow people with interests and passions to transform what they love into a full-time profession:

  • Fitness Training and Nutrition. Pursuing the hobby of being healthy and fit can be turned into a career with the right training. If you’re passionate about fitness and nutrition, turn it into something more with a career or certificate program. With the help of these programs you’ll be able to expand your knowledge and take the first steps towards turning your love for helping others get and stay healthy into a career!
  • Wildlife and Forestry. Have a passion for being outdoors? Love spending time in the wilderness? Take that passion and apply it to your professional life by taking a Wildlife/Forestry Conservation Career Diploma program. These programs can teach you about managing wildlife, conservation issues, wildlife law enforcement, and more.
  • Gunsmith. Whether you love tinkering with guns, or want to expand your knowledge and refine your skills, consider pursuing a career in firearms repair as a gunsmith. With a Gunsmith Career Diploma program, you can work on your skills and get expert training, knowledge, and instruction at your own pace or in as little as four months. 
  • Veterinary Technician or Veterinary Assistant. Do you love working with animals? A passion for veterinary work can be transformed into much more with degree or career diploma programs to help you become a veterinary technician or veterinary assistant. Turn your passion into a lifelong career, learning skills to help you help animals in a professional setting!
  • Graphic Design. Do you see yourself as the creative type? If you have a knack for working with technology, take your knowledge to the next level with a Graphic Design Associate Degree program that will help you take the next step in transitioning your passion into a career as a digital artist. A program like this can help you prepare for several career paths, whether it be in publishing houses, design studious, or even advertising agencies.

While you might be happy keeping your hobbies separate from your career, choosing a career path that’s aligned with your interests can go a long way finding happiness in your professional life! Not sure how your interests can be applied to your career? Check out this list of career programs and see how your talents and hobbies can be put to work!