homeschooling schedule

One of the benefits of homeschooling is the flexibility it provides, and high school students often can benefit from that flexibility by choosing how to spend the day while homeschooling. Yet sometimes getting into a routine – particularly if you are new to homeschooling – is a challenge. Whether you’ve been homeschooling for years or are just starting on this venture, here are some tips to help you create a routine with a well-thought-out schedule.

1. Put necessities first. If you have non-school activities on your schedule that happen at set times, like music lessons, team sports practice or even work, put these on the schedule first. This will show how much time you have left in the day for your studies.

2. Know the courses you need. Part of your job when scheduling your high school homeschool experience is to know the courses you need to graduate. Learn what credits your state requires for a high school diploma, and then consider what your potential career field will also require. Then, space out your years so you accomplish enough each year to stay on track, without overdoing it schedule-wise.

3. Work when you are at your best. Some people do their best work in the mornings, while others need to wait until after they’re fully awake before they tackle their work. Learn when your best time of day for study is, and schedule time for coursework during that time. Keep in mind that you may want to be done by dinner so you can enjoy some free time afterward.

4. Allow for some wiggle room. Not every day will be perfect, so try to work some free time into your schedule. Use that time to finish up if your studies run long, or enjoy some well-deserved free time if you complete your work on time.

5. Write it down. Once you’ve established a schedule, write it down. It’s too easy to forget your plan, and then get off track and find yourself scrambling at the end of the year to make up the remaining work. While you may need to make changes along the way, having a written schedule will help you stick with your plan.

In high school, it’s easy to get side tracked by all of the fun activities available to you, or work responsibilities. With a schedule, you can get into a homeschool routine that will help keep you rooted in your curriculum so you finish on time.