make work more exciting

Have you ever gone to work in the morning feeling like you never left the day before? It’s possible that you haven’t learned to properly balance your work and personal lives - leaving you to feel stressed, exhausted, and burnt out when it comes to your career. Knowing how to give equal time to your work needs and personal needs really is a balancing act. Here are a few tips for maintaining your work/life balance so you can learn to enjoy work - and life outside of it!

  • Know when to turn off “work mode.” When it comes to truly enjoying work, it’s important to know when to turn “work mode” off. If your work life spills too much over into your personal life, you may start to resent the job that you have worked so hard to get! Create boundaries for yourself when you leave work that will allow you to go home and recharge your batteries for the next day. Start with small steps - like muting your work-email notifications or leaving your work-related projects at work - and you might be surprised at how the stress you felt at the end of one work day seems trivial the next morning.
  • Own your personal time. Instead of hoping that you’ll be able to find time after work to dedicate to your personal life, plan that time. Having a hard time finding the time to hit the gym after work? Schedule gym time with yourself just like you would schedule a meeting with a coworker. Plan your vacations far in advance and let your coworkers know exactly when you will be gone and how limited your availability will be. Own your personal time, and you will find that you have a lot more of it than you once thought.
  • Prioritize what’s really important. Prioritizing both your work and personal schedules is the only way to make sure that the important stuff gets done. If you’ve been assigned a big project at work, think about how long it will take you to complete and what smaller projects you can put on the backburner until you’ve finished the major task at hand. This will help prevent you from having to stay late on a Friday to meet an end-of-week deadline - or even worse, having to work through the weekend. Likewise, use your personal time wisely. If you’ve been meaning to catch up with a friend, make that a priority over the smaller pleasures that can wait, like catching up on a television show.

It takes time to learn how to create boundaries between your work and personal lives. However, if you’re still feeling like you need to make an adjustment in your work life, try these tips for making work more engaging. Still having a hard time getting things done before it’s time to leave for the day? These suggestions for increasing productivity at work might help too.