Pinterest for nutrition or fitness business

Whether you’re a nutritionist or exercise and fitness expert, marketing is a huge part of your business. Your audience wants not just to read about your products and services, but to see them. Enter Pinterest - one of the most popular social media platforms for sharing images, videos, and other popular content. When used correctly, Pinterest can help boost brand awareness and customer engagement and position you as a leader in the nutrition and fitness community.

Why Pinterest Is Perfect for Nutritionists
Good eats are far and away the most pinned images on Pinterest. As a nutritionist, you can share healthy yet tasty recipes, photos of healthy snacks and desserts, infographics with nutrition advice, and even video tutorials such as how to choose the freshest produce. A large percentage of Pinterest users are upper middle class adults who want to make healthy decisions for their family. In other words, your target market is ready and waiting for you to deliver valuable content.

Boost Brand Awareness, Engagement, and Traffic
By pinning high quality content, you can draw your audience in and tell them that you're the real deal. Pins can go viral rapidly and continue to create buzz weeks or even months after their original posting - something that Facebook and Twitter posts rarely do. When you build engagement, visitors are much more likely to visit your website, blog, or other social media pages. Think about what makes your business unique, and focus on providing value to your audience.

Make It a Personal Experience
Food and fitness are very personal experiences, and pins are a great way to give your audience an inside look at your brand. Pin photos and videos of you and your employees at work, your involvement in the community, or even a relaxing day with family and friends. Being genuine is key. This will help you audience connect with you on a higher level and build further trust in your brand.

Build Partnerships
From celebrities to retail giants to local mom-and-pop shops, Pinterest is a hub of valuable partnerships waiting to be formed. By pinning one another's content, you and your partners can multiply your exposure exponentially and build your respective brands. Veteran users may also offer valuable tips and network opportunities that can take your nutrition and fitness business to heights you never thought possible. A popular food blogger might feature your infographic on their website. A radio or TV show might want to interview you. Be open to all opportunities – you never know where a new partnership might lead!

Pinterest holds virtually limitless potential for nutritionists and fitness experts. Earn your fitness and nutrition certificate today and take the first steps towards building a brand people will truly love.

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