learn new work skills

We’ve talked about how soft skills can make a difference in getting hired and where you can learn soft skills if you haven’t had work experience or don’t consider yourself a comfortable “people person.” But why do employers look for soft skills in new hires before they even start the job? Couldn’t the company just incorporate these skills into the established onboarding/training period?

Sure, but here’s a few reasons why employers want to see those soft skills before you’re hired!

  • It makes things easier for the person(s) training you. Besides making you more hireable, establishing soft skills before you’re hired makes the training period easier on you and your new company. You’ll feel less like the new kid on the block if you’re able to communicate with new coworkers and managers.
  • Soft skills can help you show how dependable you are. Employers want people they can rely on to be at work and to get the job done. Having some developed soft skills you can mention in an interview can help display your dependability. Dependable employees are people who will meet deadlines, stay focused, and who are team players. It’s more than just your old manager saying you showed up to work on time every shift.
  • They want you to fit into the company’s culture. This goes hand-in-hand with training and being dependable. If you display soft skills in an interview, the employer can determine how well you will fit in with the company’s culture. Most companies display their mission statement and goals (a huge factor in company culture!) on their website. If you’re adaptable, a good communicator, and display interest in the people who work at the company, you may be more likely to be hired!

These days, it’s not enough just to have a great resume that lists your hard skills, education, and certifications. Employers want new hires who will stay and grow with the company. Displaying developed soft skills and an interest in the company as a whole will add another dimension to your resume and interview skills. If you aren’t sure if you need to brush up your soft skills, check out our Career Readiness Bootcamp to see if it’s right for you!