learn new work skills

Unless you work in the retail industry, things seem to dramatically slow down at the office when winter holidays roll around. This is partly because customers and clients are more concerned with getting ready for the season and partly because it’s tough to stay focused on work when a long weekend is right around the corner. Anticipation makes everything seem as if you’re moving through molasses! Sticky, slow, complicated…. But, unlike when you were in school and had a two week (or longer!) holiday vacation, you still need to get work done during holiday season. Here’s a few helpful ideas on staying productive and engaged at the office when things slow down.

Work on side projects that get left behind during busy times.
At work, certain things will be prioritized over others. During slower times, those less urgent projects have time to shine! You don’t necessarily have to save up “busy work” to stay productive; something you’re passionate about but may not have immediate impact on your company can keep you working steadily.

Work on your skills.
No matter where you find yourself in your company’s hierarchy—boss or newbie—it’s always a good idea to refresh your skills or even learn new ones. Besides keeping you busy in down times, it shows that you’re committed to improvement and growth. A short certificate course like Career Readiness Bootcamp can help you sharpen your soft skills and demonstrate that you are dedicated to working hard, even during downtime at work.

Maybe you’re all caught up with the most pressing work on your desk, but your coworker definitely isn’t. They’re frantically trying to plow through a backlog before the holiday time off. If it’s appropriate, collaborating or working with a coworker who may be a little slower at accomplishing their tasks can keep you busy and productive. It will also give you an opportunity to display your teamwork skills!

The excitement of winter holidays and they anticipation we all have for a long weekend can make the days drag, even when you do have a lot of work you need to get done. But staying productive will not only make the days move a little faster, you’ll prevent yourself from getting behind and show how dedicated you are to your work.