new years resolutions

Eat healthy, go to the gym, learn a new language - we make these and many other commitments every January 1st, and the results can improve our lives in ways we might not expect. Positive decisions tend to have far-reaching effects and can create a chain reaction of success. Here are a few New Year’s Resolutions that can help you on your journey towards improving your academic abilities and boosting your grades to new heights.

Focus On Your Health
Diet and exercise shape not just your body, but your mind - including self-confidence, motivation, logical reasoning, and other functions important to learning. For peak operation, your brain needs vitamins, minerals, proteins, and healthy fats found in a balanced diet. Add in regular exercise, and you'll feel stronger, more refreshed, and ready to tackle stress and achieve your academic goals. When exercising, be sure to stretch and warm up to minimize the risk of injury, and work at a level that's right for you. Talk to your doctor or dietitian to put a health plan in place.

Simplify Your Life
We're all guilty of spending too much time or money on things that may not be the most helpful. Fast food, social media, and unhealthy relationships - these can all have a negative impact on our bodies and self-perception. Trim out the unnecessary clutter from your life and you'll end up with more time, better health, and more motivation for the important stuff – like academics. Your grades will appreciate it!

Stick to a Healthy Sleep Schedule
You've no doubt heard that sleep plays a crucial role in memory, attention, decision-making, reasoning, and other cognitive functions vital to academic success. Yet many students regularly skip out on rest in favor of extra study hours, hanging out with friends, or binge-watching episodes of that favorite TV show. If you feel guilty reading this, you may benefit from turning in a few hours earlier each night. You'll wake up feeling more alert and refreshed and can probably save up a few bucks by foregoing the morning coffee. After all, students who get better sleep tend to be more engaged in their studies and typically pull in higher grades.

Pick Up a New Hobby
Why limit your learning to academic courses? Picking up a new hobby isn't just fun and exciting, it can open up brand new ways of thinking and boost your ability to learn in general - pretty helpful for Political Science, Organic Chemistry, and other courses you may encounter during your academic journey. Learning how to play the violin, speak Japanese, create oil paintings, perform Muay Thai kickboxing, and even how to ballroom dance - there's a world of knowledge waiting for you, and no better time to learn than now.