learn new work skills

It almost doesn’t matter what field you’re in. Whether you spend your workday repairing cars or working with animals, in a big office or working at home, good communication skills are a must! This could mean written communication or simply understanding the best way to communicate with your coworkers, boss, or clients. These days, hiring managers are more interested in job candidates who already possess what they call “soft skills.” Communication is a soft skill that employers highly value, so if you aren’t sure how well you communicate or if you’re thinking of brushing up some dusty skills, check out some of these past posts about how our Career Readiness Bootcamp can help you excel at work!

  • Millennials (and everyone else) should get a refresher on these skills! If you consider yourself a millennial, young or old, there are some skills career experts say you need to brush up on or refine to be more marketable when searching for a job. Even if you don’t consider yourself a millennial, certain skills can only help make you more likely to excel at your career. Being focused, adaptable, and having a high level of emotional intelligence will help you to communicate better with those around you.
  • Employers want new hires with developed soft skills. If you display soft skills in an interview, the employer can determine how well you will fit in with the company’s culture. Most companies display their mission statement and goals (a huge factor in company culture!) on their website. If you’re adaptable, a good communicator, and display interest in the people who work at the company, you may be more likely to be hired!
  • Even if you've been working for years, you can still acquire new skills! Read a first-hand account of a graduate's experience with our new Career Readiness Bootcamp experience, and learn how professionals at all levels might be able to benefit from improving their workplace skills! Soft skills and communication skills are kind of like a muscle… you have to keep exercising them to keep them in shape and keep improving. Even if you’re very confident about your skills, having a chance to review or refresh what you know can make a big difference.
  • Where can you learn soft skills? You’ll learn soft skills at work or by training. In our Career Readiness Bootcamp you learn the skills that can help you become career ready right out of the gate. If it’s your first job, or your lifelong career, the Bootcamp is a short, self-paced, online course that walks you through the everyday skills necessary for the workplace. From a personal skills section to refresh your people skills and further develop your ability to work in a team-oriented position to a section that helps you become a more organized professional, the Bootcamp gives you what you need to succeed. It will also be a great addition to your resume, displaying your willingness to seek further training to any potential new employer.

If you’re looking to improve your communication skills, as well as other sought after “soft skills” check out the Career Readiness Bootcamp Certificate online!