medical coding and billing certification exam

With the rising popularity of online education across all industries, becoming a medical coding and billing professional is easier than ever. However, to get a leg up on the competition and become an expert in the field, it helps to stay on top of industry trends and become knowledgeable about the medical billing and coding field. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered. Check out these articles below to help you gain a better understanding of medical billing and coding field, as well as some tips for future medical coders and medical billers.

  • Which Medical Coding & Billing Certification Exam Should You Take?: Earning a medical billing and coding certification is required for most jobs in the field, but there are several exam options to consider. Which one best fits you? Learn the pros and cons of each and how to make the best decision for your career in this article.
  • Medical Billing & Coding: How to Stay Ahead of Industry Changes: A major part of working as a health information professional is staying on top of all the changes in the medical billing and coding field. Here are a few ways to keep up to speed with medical billing and coding changes, including ICD-10 coding, EHR systems and more.
  • Trends Impacting the Medical Billing & Coding Field: As a medical billing and coding professional, you can play a key role on a medical team, working in an administrative role to help keep patient data accurate and safe. To become an effective employee in this growing field, you’ll need to stay current on developments in the industry.
  • Study Tips to Help You Memorize Medical Terminology: Learning medical terminology is a major part of becoming a medical billing and coding professional - and for many, often one of the most challenging! Learn how you can master medical terminology with smart study tips and helpful online resources in this blog post.

Want to learn more about becoming a medical biller or medical coder? Learn more about online medical billing and coding classes here, and take the first steps towards an exciting career in the healthcare profession.