student life blog 2017

In November, not only do we celebrate our veterans who’ve bravely served; we also take time to celebrate the families of those actively serving. Our service men and women in any branch of the Armed Forces bravely sign up for duty, taking their training and their job seriously. Often, these men and women can spend long months (and even years) in a distant country far from their loved ones.

It isn’t easy being left behind; in fact, most would struggle with it. Though they may be proud of their family member for wanting to serve, there are many who feel they would break like marzipan under the weight of the massive responsibility. But you don’t. That’s what we celebrate: the strength, kindness, and depth of feeling that military families have in abundance. Without you at home taking care of bills, chores, your family, and other day-to-day responsibilities, those actively serving couldn’t fully fulfill their duties. You serve along with them.

So this month, we salute you, as well. Without your service as a family member, without your love and support, those in the Armed Forces could not do what they do.