ece career fair

This week, Penn Foster celebrates our 4th Annual Early Childhood Education Professional Development & Career Fair! Our webinars are complimentary virtual sessions for early childhood students and professionals across the globe. The purpose for our webinars is to connect, collaborate, create, and improve early childhood practices. Check out the full calendar of events below, and head here to register for each event!

Please note that all times are Eastern.

Monday, October 16th

8:00AM - Networking: Building Professional Relationships for the Early Childhood Educator (Nancy Moretti, Early Childhood and General Education Department Chair at Penn Foster)

10:00AM - Interviewing: Before, During and After (Kristen Schenck and Jamie Kapalko, Career Coaches at Penn Foster)

2:00PM - Pedagogies in a Practice: A Day in the Life of a Family Child Care Provider (Shawna Ebbeson, Doctoral Student and Author)

4:00PM - Special Needs and the Arts: Behavioral Development in Creative Expression (Mark Mallecoccio, Student Advocate at Penn Foster)

6:00PM - The ʺOtherʺ Type of Smart: Developing and Supporting Emotional Intelligence in the ECE Classroom (Katie Walsh, Early Childhood Instructor at Penn Foster)

8:00PM - What's Up with the CDA? Need It? Earn It. Bada Boom! (Debra Pierce, Professor at Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana)

Tuesday, October 17th

8:00AM - I Hate Math, Supporting Math Literacy in Young Children Without Losing Your Mind: Geometric and Spatial Thinking (Virginia Testa, Adjunct Instructor at Penn Foster)

10:00AM - Learning Care Group - Internship and Employment Opportunities (Laura Bevier, Campus Relations Manager at the Learning Care Group)

2:00PM -Life After Graduation: Planning for the Future! (Nancy Moretti, Early Childhood and General Education Department Chair at Penn Foster)

4:00PM - Using Music for a Healthy Body, Heart and Mind (Maryann "Mar." Harman, Owner and Operator of Music with Mar)

6:00PM - Classroom Management (Sarah Owens, Early Childhood Instructor at Penn Foster)

8:00PM -The Stuff Leaders Are Made Of (Sylvia White, Childcare Consultant at Leading the Leaders, LLC)

Wednesday, October 18th

8:00AM - Developing Young Children's Language and Communications Through Creativity (Ruth Churchill Dower, Director of Earlyarts)

10:00AM - The Importance of Choice (Cindy Terebush, Early Childhood Consultant)

2:00PM - Will the Perfect Family Please Stand out? Time-tested Strategies to Enrolling High-Quality Clientele (Shawna Ebbeson, Doctoral Candidate and Author)

4:00PM - Go Play Outside! Learning Science while Actively Playing with Nature (Dr. Joanne Hunter, President & CEO of Dr. Joanne Hunter LLC)

6:00PM - The Importance of a Well-Written Resume and Cover Letter (Becky Dotzel, High School Grader at Penn Foster)

8:00PM - Turn Around... Look at Me! Paying Attention to Children's Strengths (Debra Pierce, Professor at Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana)

Thursday, October 19th

8:00AM - Counting Down to Kindergarten: Creating a School Readiness Program for Your Community (R. Lynn Baker, Credentialed Early Childhood Trainer and Independent Consultant)

10:00AM - Creating Learning Centers for Differentiation (Sarah Owens, Early Childhood Instructor at Penn Foster)

2:00PM - Say What? Online Etiquette for Communicating in a Digital World (Shawna Ebbeson, Doctoral Candidate and Author)

4:00PM - World Autism Awareness (Sarah Owens and Katie Walsh, Early Childhood Instructors at Penn Foster)

6:00PM - Pro Tips for Professional Development: How Are You A Lifelong Learner, Too? (Katie Walsh, Early Childhood Instructor at Penn Foster)

8:00PM - But First Do No Harm: A Musical Conversation about Disabilities, Inclusion and Community (Lisa Heintz, Owner of Little Songbird: Songs for Learning and Joanie Calami, Music Educator and Performer at her Private Practice as well as an Instructor for Sing Along and Dance Along Classes)

Friday, October 20th

8:00AM - Reaching Different Learning Styles in the Early Childhood Classroom! (Dr. Rebecca Reynolds, Owner and Consultant)

10:00AM - Boosting Quality Through Effective Self-Assessment (Shawna Ebbeson, Doctoral Candidate and Author)

2:00PM - Tips and Tricks for FREE, Almost FREE and Inexpensive ways to Obtain Books, Resources, Supplies and Programs for your ECE Classroom (Betsy Reichart, Penn Foster Librarian and Instructor)

4:00PM - The Importance of Developmental Psychology for Child Care Professionals (Krista Wildman, Part time Social Science Instructor at Penn Foster)

6:00PM - Quality Interactions that Promotes Cognitive and Language Development in Preschoolers (Camille Lachar-Lofaro, Education Consultant at QS2 Training and Consulting)

8:00PM - Resume and Cover Letters That Will Make You Shine! (Krystal Marsh, English Adjunct Instructor at Penn Foster )