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For many, being able to work from home is the dream. Or, at least, the most convenient thing for their life at the moment. Working from home not only saves you a commute and the hassle of changing out of your pjs every day - it can also be the only way some people are able to work due to family responsibilities or health limitations. These days, with so many people having access to laptop computers, a strong internet connection, and company VPNs, the ability to work from home isn’t limited to certain careers. In fact, there are some careers that absolutely rely on employees to work off site. If you’re specifically looking to break into a career that allows you to work from the comfort of your home office, check out some of these remote careers!

  • Virtual Assistant. Virtual assistants are independent contractors who provide expert administrative services to clients, typically from a home office setting. As a virtual assistant, you can work remotely for an administrative services company or set up your freelance company. In this career, you’ll often perform the same duties an on-site administrative assistant would such as scheduling, writing professional emails and letters for clients, and could include transcribing notes or recorded calls. This career can be done completely at home, especially if you choose to set up your own business or offer your services as a contractor. If you’re not confident this is the career for you, check out this interview with an experienced virtual assistant.
  • Medical Billing and Coding + Medical Transcription. Both of these medical field careers allow for the option to work remotely, though that can often depend on the company you work for and your experience in the field. Though much of the work is easily completed remotely, you may have to start in the office, at least to gain experience. Once you have that experience and trust under your belt, you can move to working remotely.
  • Start Your Own Business. The easiest way to ensure you can work remotely, on your own schedule and terms, is to be your own boss. With online shopping safer and easier than ever, it’s very possible to make a successful online business or side hustle. You don’t even have to open a retail store online, you can freelance or offer your services in whatever you’re skilled at. This could be anything from knitting beautiful scarves to offering pet sitting services. It’s all up to you!
  • Freelance Anything. There are so many options for freelancing there isn’t enough room to write about them all. But, if you’re not sure any of the above options are the right fit for you, looking into freelancing in a field you’re interested in can be a great option. If you’re interested in doing graphic design, you can start a side business as a freelance designer, choosing the jobs you’re interested in taking. You can do the same as a web page designer or even running an IT Specialist business from your home.

Working remotely isn’t for everyone. Before you take the steps to starting a career working from home, consider if it’s the right move for you. Are you comfortable not having much social interaction with your coworkers? Are you able to manage your time and work without a supervisor telling you what to do and when? If you think working from home is going to be the best option for you, do some research and get started on your new career!