Laptop displaying penn foster instructors.

The Student Success and Career Fair, a week jam-packed with helpful, informative, and fun webinars for students, graduates, and those looking to make a change in their career, starts April 16, 2018! With so many webinars to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down the list of must-see sessions. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! We’ll be breaking down the Fair webinar schedule into themes: Academic Success and Career Readiness. Take a look at the Academic Success webinars coming up and register for the ones you’re interested in on our website!

Monday, April 16, 2018:

10:00AM EDT | Tips and Techniques for Student Success in Online Courses
Presenters: Katie Walsh and Sarah Owens, Instructors

2:00PM EDT | Getting Back Into the Swing of Things
Presenter: Katherine Sanger

3:00PM EDT | Don’t Pull Your Hair Out: Study Tips for Quizzes and Exams!
Presenter: Nancy Moretti

Tuesday, April 17, 2018:

10:00AM EDT | US Constitution Basics and Why They Matter
Presenter: Paul Schneider, Instructor

1:00PM EDT | “I can’t do this!”—Managing Factors that Interfere with Continuing Your Education
Presenter: Shawna Ebbeson, Guest Speaker

8:00PM EDT | Why Humanities Matter
Presenter: Tina Krawcyk, Instructor

Wednesday, April 18, 2018:

8:00AM EDT | The Citation Conundrum: An Overview of MLA Format
Presenter: Rianna Karalunas, Instructor

10:00AM EDT | Tips for High School Students on Efficiently Managing their Online Independent Studies
Presenter: Mariam Dawoud, Instructor

12:00PM EDT | The Writer's Block: Penn Foster's Writing Center
Presenters: Rianna Karalunas, Christina Elvidge, Instructors

1:00PM EDT | Rebound: Identifying, Supporting, and Building Resilience Skills to Manage Student Burnout
Presenter: Shawna Ebbeson, Guest Speaker

2:00PM EDT | Unlocking Barriers to Success in College and Your Career
Presenter: Virginia Festa, Instructor

4:00PM EDT | Learning From History
Presenters: Brian Brown, High School Department Chair and Paul Schneider, Instructor

8:00PM EDT | The Research Paper: From First Note to Revised Draft
Presenter: John Sakson

Thursday, April 19, 2018:

12:00PM EDT | How to Conquer Those Pesky Gen Eds: Study Strategies for Your Social Science and Humanities Courses at PF
Presenter: Krista Wildman, Instructor

1:00PM EDT | You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth: Writing Tips That Promote Academic Integrity
Presenter: Shawna Ebbeson

2:00PM EDT | The Path of an Exam and Getting it to Its Destination
Presenters: Melissa Herzing and Alanna Bright, Instructors

4:00PM EDT | Studying Successfully: Methods Backed by Science
Presenter: Laura Recene, Instructor

8:00PM EDT | Yes! Penn Foster Has a Virtual Library!
Presenter: Betsy Reichart, Librarian

Friday, April 20, 2018:

8:00AM EDT | Better Writing, Better Results with Grammarly
Presenter: Gregory Carpets, Guest Speaker

10:00AM EDT | From College to the Workplace: Why You Need Writing Skills Now and in the Future!
Presenter: Christina Elvidge, Instructor

1:00PM EDT | 3 Ridiculously Simple Strategies to ACE Your Courses
Presenter: Shawna Ebbeson

2:00PM EDT | Writing Quality Paragraphs
Presenter: Virginia Festa, Instructor

4:00PM EDT | Tips to Avoid Plagiarism: Learn How to Cite in APA!
Presenters: Nancy Moretti and Betsy Reichart

8:00PM EDT | Successful Learning: Recognizing Your Dominant Learning Style, Taking Notes, Utilizing the Most Effective Study Techniques
Presenter: John Sakson

If you’re looking for study tips, advice on writing a great paper, or just want to hear from instructors and staff at Penn Foster, don’t miss the 2018 Student Success and Career Fair. Register for the webinars you’re interested in at