As humans, we all long for a feeling of connection and affection. Traditionally, that feeling is “supposed” to come from romantic relationships,close friendships, and family ties. But what about work? We all dream of finding a job we love; we just don’t talk about it as much as we do our interpersonal relationships. Most of us are happy enough with what we do, but how many would say we love what we do? If you want to fall in love this Valentine’s Day, check out these tips to help you fall passionately in love with your work!

Remember the Good Times

Like a romantic relationship, the love you feel for your work can grow a bit stale over time. Does that mean you should break up with your current company and move on to something that may be more satisfying? Not necessarily! We all go through ups and downs in our careers; you’re not alone! If it’s been awhile since you’ve been happy at work, take some time to consider why. And, if you can’t come up with a solid reason why you’ve fallen out of love with your day-to-day, think about all of the good experiences you’ve had since you’ve worked at the company. This could be the friends you’ve made, the projects you’ve excelled at, or the delicious coffee they supply in the breakroom. Whatever it is, think positive and if it’s meant to be, you can get that spark back!

Become a Goal Digger

You love your job, or you like it well enough. It pays the bills and if you’re not quite as satisfied as you think you should be, it’s still not a bad situation. You’re comfortable. You’ve settled into routine. All is well.. But how can you turn that tepid affection you feel into full-blown passion for what you do? Set goals! Going through your day-to-day tasks, doing the same exact thing isn’t going to inspire true passion. What do you want to get out of your work? What do you want to accomplish by the end of the day? The week, or month, or year? Having something to strive for can make all the difference.

Get Engaged

Not everything you work on in your career will be the most interesting thing ever; honestly, you’ll probably do a lot of boring tasks as you work your way up in the company. You absolutely do not have to love everything you do, but being engaged in the work and your office culture can help you feel a connection to even the most menial of tasks. If you’re excited to get into the office, you’ll be excited to dig into work.

Build Relationships

It’s very difficult to love your job and love going to work if you despise the people you work with. Building work relationships and friendships can make a huge impact on how you feel about what you do. You don’t have to become besties with your cube-mates. It’s not necessary for you to promise to be Janet’s bridesmaid when she sets a date for her wedding this spring. But connecting with the people around you will make your day go by faster and build working relationships that can benefit both of you in the long run.

Don’t Hesitate to Break-Up with Your Job

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, that spark of infatuation you felt when you first started at the office will fizzle and die. There comes a point when you realize that what you’re doing is holding you back. If you try everything and can’t find the love again, it may be time to consider other opportunities. There’s no shame in knowing it’s time to move on. Before you move on, consider the growth you’ve had in that space. Update your resume, look for opportunities to upskill with your current employer or online resources, and plan your jump into your next career relationship.

Whether you’ve never loved your job or you’ve just fallen out of love with what you do, you can still find your way to a meaningful relationship with your career. Like a romantic relationship, it’s going to take drive, dedication, and work... but isn’t it worth it in the end?