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One of the biggest worries students often have is that whatever career they’re working toward will be useless or won’t give them the security and satisfaction they’re hoping for. What changes will happen in the industry while you’re studying? Will there be opportunity for job growth? Will there even be entry-level positions available? If you’ve considered making the move to train for a new career in a skilled trade, you may not have to share the same worries as other students who aren’t in a skilled trade; some skilled jobs are a sure bet as far as job security. In fact, many skilled trade professions are indisputably essential to the community. Here are five essential trades that may spark your interest:

  1. Auto Repair Technician. If you’ve a passion for working with your hands and fixing problems, becoming an Auto Repair Tech can be the perfect trade for you. The auto repair industry is definitely one of the more reliable industries to begin a career in. That’s because most of the world can’t get anywhere without a working vehicle. This is especially true if you don’t live in a large city with excellent public transportation; there are more customers who rely on you and your shop to keep them mobile. When their car breaks down, it can derail the entire day and mean losing out on hours at work, which most people can’t afford. When there’s a rattle where there shouldn’t be, or the car just won’t wake up, you’re the superhero auto mechanic who can save the day. As long as we rely on vehicles to get us to where we need to go, there will be demand for skilled, trained, and dedicated mechanics and auto repair techs. Where we would be without you?
  2. Small Engine Repair. Like auto repair work, someone trained in working on small engines and machines can be invaluable to a community. Some days — more often than most of us would like — yard work needs to be done and that work can’t be done without some important tools. Whether it’s a riding lawn mower or a tractor, we rely on small engine repair persons to save us when our property looks like a jungle and the mower just won’t go. The gas tank is full. The parts are new. What could be the problem? As a small engine repair tech, you’ll specialize in the engines that make mowers and heavy machinery work and be the first person a homeowner is going to call when they need to trim their trees or clean up that lawn for a party. While the, internet is a beautiful thing and many of us can search troubleshooting tips online, in the end, a skilled repair person is going to save the customer time, hassle, and money.
  3. HVACR Technician. Do you live in an area where summers are so hot that you feel like you could cook up breakfast on the driveway asphalt? Or where winters get so cold, it hurts a little bit to breathe outside? Becoming an HVACR Technician can help you start a career in a secure and ever-evolving industry. Even if you live in a relatively temperate area of the world, heating and cooling systems are important to being comfortable for most of us. We rely on trained and certified techs to save us from melting in a summer heat wave or freezing into a block of ice! Additionally, making sure food doesn’t go rotten in a refrigerator is pretty important and essential. HVACR Techs trained in different heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems can literally be life savers and can work in residential or even commercial areas.
  4. Locksmith and Home Security Technician. Locksmiths are, without doubt, life savers! If someone is locked out of their car or they’ve lost their house key, a locksmith is the person they’ll be calling to help. When someone needs to make extra copies of keys, change locks, or update their home security? That person is going to call a locksmith! Whether you work on your own and start your own business or join a company, locksmiths are needed every day.
  5. Appliance Repair. Large home appliances can be pricey and no one wants to spend more money than they can afford on a new washer or dryer every few years. That’s where Appliance Repair professionals come in! We don’t want to replace expensive appliances every year, so if you work in appliance repair, you’ll be called in to sort out a leaky washing machine or dishwasher on a regular basis. Being trained and skilled in both major and minor repairs on small and large electric appliances helps customers keep costs relatively low on the things we rely on to make our lives easier, which is invaluable to the thrifty consumer.

There are certainly more than just five essential skilled professions. As humans, we rely on a lot of different people and professionals to fix things we don’t understand ourselves. These five skilled trades, though, are essential to everyday life, making them relatively stable industries. If you’re looking to break into a new field and learn a trade that will keep you working, research some online programs that can help you get started!