Man studying outside.

There are certain career paths that we know require continuing your education even when you’re in the field. Teachers, health care professionals, and those in veterinary medicine are expected to refresh their knowledge regularly or even pursue higher credentials while working. But outside of that, most of us consider finishing a degree and getting a job to be the end of our studies. One and done, right? Not necessarily! There are several reasons and times when pursuing more education and credentials can help you move forward in your career.

  1. You’re looking to take on more responsibility at work. If you’re like Markcus, a recent Penn Foster graduate and Student Ambassador, you may have been a loyal employee at the same job for awhile. You know the ropes, you’ve put in your time, and you’re sure a promotion is coming your way. You’re ready! But then time passes and your boss doesn’t say anything about giving you more responsibility and new employees are moving ahead faster than you. What’s up? You may be lacking some skills you didn’t know you needed. This could be the push you need to enroll in a class, certificate, or even a degree program. Pursuing additional credentials and education in the field you’re in (or the field you hope to be in) can show your boss you’re ready for the next step, as well as preparing you for the new responsibilities you'll be taking on.
  2. You want to know more about your field. Even those who’ve worked in the same industry and position for years can always benefit from a refresher course. Whether you work in a relatively stable office environment or a fast paced sales floor, standards and best practices are ever-evolving and staying on the “cutting-edge” can keep you excited about what you do. It also never hurts to know as much as possible! You’ll benefit by being confident in your job and the work you’re turning in. Eventually, your employer will notice, too!
  3. You want to change departments and switch careers. Changing your career doesn’t have to mean leaving the company you currently work for. A strong, stable company requires several different types of people to keep it running, no matter the industry. If you think that you want to change lanes at work and pursue something that is just as necessary to your company, furthering your education with a new degree or even a short certificate can help you prepare for a new role.

Whatever your goals, earning more credentials and advancing your education can’t hurt. Even if you find yourself changing lanes again a few years later, everything you’ve learned is just one more point to add to your resume! Not sure if you can enroll in school and keep your full time job? Check out some online, self-paced programs to get you started!