Penn Foster graduates

You deserve to celebrate your achievements.

Completing your Penn Foster program is a big deal! Whether you have some lessons left to go or you’re already a graduate, now’s a good time to think about celebrating your accomplishment. Putting in long hours and working around a busy schedule is no easy feat, especially when you’re balancing work, life, and family. Accomplishing the goals that you once only dreamed of isn’t something that should go unnoticed. Here’s why you should take some time to celebrate the amazing things you’ve done.

Celebrating your success is good for you.

When you celebrate something you’ve accomplished, like graduating from your Penn Foster program, you’re marking a milestone in your life. It’s a big accomplishment and deserves attention. But besides closing one chapter of your journey and starting another, celebrating what you’ve done is good for your mental health. Thank yourself by taking some time to acknowledge you did impressive work and completed what you set out to do. Even better, your brain remembers that gratifying feeling for next time you challenge yourself to reach a great goal. It’ll reinforce the idea that success has rewards and push you to keep reaching for and celebrating more accomplishments.

Sharing your success with the people in your life can help you build stronger relationships.

Celebrating with your family, friends, and coworkers can help you build stronger relationships with them. If you’re someone who prefers to keep things quiet, think of it this way: Celebrating what you’ve achieved with family and friends is almost as much about taking the time to thank them for supporting you every step of the way as it is about what you’ve done. They helped you get where you are and deserve a moment to be proud.

You don’t have to celebrate loudly.

Maybe you don’t want to celebrate yourself because you don’t like the attention. You did something you’ve wanted to do for awhile, you’ve worked hard, but now you’re ready to move on to the next step. What need is there to make a party of it?

You don’t have to celebrate in a big way. Taking time for a high five with your friend when you hear good news, or excitedly texting your parent about your news is celebrating, too. You can make a moment special in your own way, and it still has the same effect.

Here’s how you can celebrate your Penn Foster graduation.

Join us at the 2019 Penn Foster Graduation Ceremony on June 1, 2019: Whether you like to celebrate long and loud or you prefer a quiet moment to reflect on what you’ve done, the 2019 Penn Foster Graduation Ceremony sets the stage for marking this important milestone. Your friends and family can celebrate with you and cheer you on as you take the last step toward reaching goals – at least for now – and be proud of all you’ve done. With other graduates taking their celebratory walk with you, it’s a moment that means a lot to Penn Foster students, teachers, and family.

Celebrate at home with those you love: Graduation is a big deal, whether you’re able to travel to Pennsylvania or you celebrate in your home. Don’t let the moment pass by without giving yourself a shout-out and thanking the supporters who’ve helped you get where you are. To join the full celebration anywhere in the world, make sure you check out the livestream of the event on Facebook!

If you’re planning to join us on June 1st in Wilkes-Barre, PA...

Don’t forget to purchase your graduate ticket! The deadline for graduates to grab their ticket is May 1, 2019. Make sure you register so you’re name is in the program and purchase your ticket through the website. You friends, family, and supporters can purchase their tickets up until the day of the ceremony. We can’t wait to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our graduates and their families!