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Earning a high school diploma can be more than an education milestone. A high school diploma can impact what jobs you qualify for, the opportunities you have to advance in your career, and what colleges you can attend. Whether you’re a traditional-aged student who had to, or wants to, leave school or an adult learner who wants to go back, getting your diploma can open new doors and opportunities. If you’re unsure about going back to school, or don’t know if it’s worth it, here’s what you should know about how an accredited diploma can make a difference in your life and career.
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Paula Peper needed a school that worked with her family’s agricultural lifestyle. She made the decision to enroll her daughter, Madison, in Penn Foster’s online High School Diploma Program. Here’s how Penn Foster helped them.
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If you’ve already completed some high school or college courses and are interested in continuing your education with Penn Foster, you may be wondering if you must start all over. Or, if you’re a Penn Foster student taking courses to get a head start on a degree, you might be wondering if you’ll lose those credits if you transfer to another college. To better understand how transfer credits work to and from Penn Foster, check out this guide!
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A traditional learning environment isn’t for everyone. Patricia Carey knew her high school-aged students needed a flexible education option. With her students, she made the decision to enroll them in Penn Foster’s online High School Diploma program. Here’s how Penn Foster helped them.
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Charter schools have gained a lot of attention in national news, but many find defining what they truly are a little complicated. While determining what kind of education is best for your child can feel like a daunting task, we did some research for you so you better understand what a charter school is, and where Penn Foster sits as a type of school option.

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