There are certain skills that can help you begin a career as a Bookkeeper. The Penn Foster Bookkeeping Program helps you learn them quickly and conveniently.

You'll get hands-on training in:

And you'll learn it all at home — no classroom needed!

This Penn Foster distance learning program is like having your own personal Bookkeeping School! Thousands of new businesses open each year and every organization, large or small, needs someone with the right training to maintain and update its financial records. Learn to prepare a balance sheet, create a profit and loss statement, and produce a financial report for any business. You'll learn about the skills others depend on in the business world. Earn your Career Diploma at home in as little as nine months, or take longer if you wish. Bookkeepers work for a variety of  companies, large and small, and even own their own business and work from home!

You'll learn important skills to help you pursue a career in Bookkeeping. Learn to prepare the balance sheet and income statement, as well as accounting for cash and payroll. Gain practical experience in maintaining the accounting records and prepare financial statements for a model company. Learn valuable computer skills by mastering the first steps in using a computer and learning to create notes, documents, and drawings. Prepare for certification.

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