Medical Assistant Associate Degree

Study Medical Assisting at home with Penn Foster College.
There are certain skills you that can help you begin a career as a Medical Assistant. The Penn Foster College Medical Assistant Degree Program helps you learn them quickly and conveniently.

You’ll learn about:

And you'll earn your Medical Assistant Associate Degree at home — no classroom needed!

Penn Foster College can help you take the first step toward developing skills and knowledge relevant to the healthcare industry, including how to schedule patient appointments, measure patient vital signs, and manage health records in hospitals, insurance companies, or for government assurance.

[Note: Student seeking to enroll in this program must have completed 15 general education credits. Students with less than 15 general education credits can enroll in the Penn Foster College General Studies Undergraduate Certificate to fulfill this requirement. You will also receive credit for previous college work if it meets Penn Foster College standards. If you wish to receive credit for previous coursework, contact the college you attended and request that your official transcripts be forwarded to Penn Foster College for evaluation. All previous college work must have been completed with a grade of "C" or better, and up to 75% of the required credits may be transferred. We will also credit your tuition for all the courses that are acceptable.]

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