Dog Obedience Trainer / Instructor

Pursue a career as a Professional Dog Trainer / Instructor with distance training from Penn Foster Career School.
If you want to learn how to teach pet owners the art of handling their animals, learn how trainers prepare dogs for security or law-enforcement work, or even how to go about starting your own business, the Dog Obedience Trainer / Instructor Program from Penn Foster Career School is for you.

You'll learn:

Flexible, Convenient, Self-Paced!

There is no going to class, no need to rearrange schedules. You choose the time and place to complete your coursework. And you work at your own pace. There's no one to rush you or hold you back.

While you'll work independently, you won't be alone. Expert instructors and support staff - dedicated to helping you complete your coursework — are just a phone call or an email away.

Get more information today. Contact us or enroll online and you could be working on your first lesson - and towards a new career - in a matter of minutes!

Respected and Accredited
You'll earn your Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor Career Diploma from regionally and nationally accredited Penn Foster Career School. Over 13 million students have enrolled in our training programs, making Penn Foster one of the world's largest and most respected distance learning institutions.

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