Electronics Technician

There are certain skills to help you begin a career as an Electronics Technician. With Penn Foster distance learning, you can learn them quickly and conveniently.

Cover these topics and more:

And you'll learn it all at home — no classroom needed!

Why complete a distance learning course in electronics? With the right credentials, you can learn how to work as a service technician in the growing field of computers and office machinery. Electronics technicians work for electronics services businesses, and own their own businesses. Electronics Technician is a growing career that's exciting work in a field that is always growing and changing. Whether you want to pursue a full-time career in Electronics, want to earn extra money with your own part-time business, or want to improve upon existing skills, Penn Foster can teach you important technical skills to help you get a leg up in your career!

Earn your Career Diploma at home. Learn electronics terminology and procedures, so you'll easily understand and be able to carry out your new duties. Learn to install electronic equipment safely, and troubleshoot any problems you encounter on the job.

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