Medical Billing and Coding

Learn medical billing at home with the Medical Billing and Coding training program from Penn Foster Career School.

As a Medical Billing and Coding Professional, you'll need to know how to manage records and file claims, prepare insurance forms, and handle billing. The Penn Foster Medical Coding and Billing Program can help you develop these skills. Whether you work for a clinic, doctor's office, hospital or private billing service you can pursue a career you can be proud of!

You'll get hands-on training in:

Medical Billing and Coding is one of the fastest growing careers in health care. Learn administrative duties such as filling out insurance forms, updating medical records, and scheduling appointments. Get the training that can help you begin your career in this exciting profession! As a trained Medical Billing and Coding Professional, you can work at a physician's office, a rehabilitation center, clinic, or private billing service. Medical coding and billing services are in demand by physicians and other health care providers around the nation.

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