Motorcycle Repair Technician

There are certain skills that can help you begin a career as a Motorcycle Repair Technician. Penn Foster Motorcycle Repair training helps you learn them quickly and conveniently.

Develop the following skills and more: how to perform inspections, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs. Learn how to work with engines, ignition systems, and electrical circuits, inspect and repair frames, steering, suspensions, and work with brakes, wheel assemblies, and tires.

And you'll learn it all at home — no classroom needed!

The Penn Foster Motorcycle Repair Technician Program is like having your own personal Motorcycle Repair School. Your self-paced lessons cover major makes from Harley® to Suzuki®, plus ATVs and snowmobiles. They explain procedures more thoroughly than ordinary motorcycle repair manuals. Why take a Motorcycle Repair Program? With the right credentials, you can take the first step towards working for motorcycle or marine vehicle dealerships, or working for an existing motorcycle repair business, or beginning one of your own. Earn your Career Diploma at home in as little as nine months or take longer if you wish. Start your own business. Work part-time from home or open a full-time repair shop. You'll learn important skills used by Motorcycle Repair Technicians.

Learn to service:

You'll know what it takes to fix electrical systems, ignition systems, steering and suspensions, brakes, wheels, and tires. You'll learn proper motorcycle maintenance, troubleshooting, and inspection techniques.

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