There are certain skills that can help you begin a career as a Paralegal working for a private law firm, corporate legal department, or government agency. The Penn Foster Paralegal program can help you learn them quickly and conveniently!

You will learn:

And you'll learn it all at home — no classroom needed!

You'll get valuable information about the paralegal's role in civil vs. criminal litigation, the federal and state court system, case investigation, evidence and evaluation. It's like having your own personal Paralegal School. Learn to provide administrative support for attorneys by performing legal research and conducting client interviews. Learn to draft legal documents such as contracts, mortgages, wills, and trusts. Learn about the documents and procedures of the court system. Get the training you need to take the first steps toward a career in this exciting profession!

Sharpen your administrative skills. Learn all about PC basics and law office computing, calendar and docket control, and computerized legal research, using the Internet and office communications equipment. Improve your investigative skills, learn the types and natures of evidence, as well as how to conduct legal investigations and interviews. Enhance your communications skills. Practical exercises let you apply what you've learned about document preparation in a variety of legal scenarios, including preparation for civil trials.

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