Meet Caitlyn Mangan - Faculty Member, Teaching Assistant | Penn Foster High School
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Caitlyn Mangan

Teaching Assistant
B.A. English, University of Scranton
Caitlyn Mangan Instructor

Caitlyn joined Penn Foster full time in October of 2014. Prior to that, she was a Penn Foster High School grader.

My hobbies – I love to read and travel, and if I'm traveling somewhere, I will not leave my house without at least 4 books in my bag.

What is one piece of advice you'd like to give students?
I always like to tell students to certainly try their best. Each of them have a magnificent story to tell, and none of those stories are the same. They are somebody, an amazing somebody. They just have to believe in themselves.

What are some of your passions?
Some of my passions include reading, watching superhero movies, and playing with my dog, Rocket.

What is your most memorable experience as a student?
When I was a senior in college, I had an English class that I viewed as one more obstacle that I needed to complete before I was able to leave and get on my way in life. The professor for that class, the always delightful Professor Whittaker, showed me that it was so much more than that. He taught me not to just read the words, but read the story. He also taught me a lot about life in general that I don't think he ever realized (by giving me a fairly terrible grade on a paper that I spent months writing, but that's beside the point). He would give little life tips throughout class, and I'd scribble them all down for future reference. I still have those notes and still refer to them today. He was such an inspirational person that by the time it was time to graduate, I was crying in his office, because I wasn't sure I would remember how to look at the world without him guiding me.

What are some of your personal or professional goals?
I try to approach each day with a new goal. Currently, some of my goals include cleaning all unnecessary clutter out of my house and beginning a blog. Possibly teaching my dog to behave (at least a little).

My professional goal is a bit different. I love my current position and the people with whom I work, so my goal is just to be the best me I can be and do my job to the best of my ability, because I was to help the most people.

What is your greatest strength?
I'm very positive when it comes to other people's situations. I like to make them feel better about something on which they might have previously had a negative viewpoint.

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