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Patrick Martin

Patrick Martin

Teaching Assistant
Math and Communications, East Stroudsburg University
Patrick Martin Faculty

Patrick Martin has been a Teachers' Assistant with Penn Foster for almost a year. Prior to the role, he also was in Student Services and Quality Assurance. Patrick enjoys comedy and has his own comedy group in Scranton, PA. Patrick also enjoys reading, writing, and puzzles. When he is not busy coming up with puns, he goes to flea markets and enjoys selling things on eBay. Patrick also is on a constant quest to solve the riddle, “Who serves the world's best pizza?”

What is one piece of advice you'd like to give students?
Always keep learning. “I don't know” is an extraordinary phrase and should never be looked down upon. “I don't know” leads to “Let's find out” which is the greatest thing in the world. Always be willing to take time to find out because the answer is probably more beautiful and wonderful than you could have possibly imagined.

What are some of your passions?
I am very passionate about many things. I enjoy reading and writing very much. I try to write every day – at least something. I am also passionate about knowledge. I will always do my personal best to combat ignorance every chance I get. My biggest passion in life, without a doubt, is my children. I have a son (Landon) and a daughter (Kendall). They make me laugh every time we are together. They are my world. They are why I am so passionate against ignorance. I want this world to be a better place for them to be in – not worse.

What is your most memorable experience as a student?
I took a Philosophy class once in college, and we had a HUGE final! It was worth half of our grade. Everyone in the class prepared a lot; studying until all hours of the night. I get to the final exam and the professor says, “There is only one question on your final. (He places his desk chair on his desk.) Prove to me that that chair does not exist.” Everyone started writing furiously, filling blue book (the exam booklets) after blue book. I, however, decided to do something completely different. I simply wrote in my notebook, “What chair?” And handed it in. I scored a 100% on that final exam. One of my educational highlights!

What are some of your personal or professional goals?
Professionally, I would like to continue doing what I am doing. I love my job. I love helping people and truly making a difference in the lives of people. Personally, I am trying to finish a one-act play I have been working on for, what seems like, 100 years. I'll get there though. And then I would like to get that produced.

What is your greatest strength?
This is a tough question. I have been told my “superpower” is the ability to make people comfortable, whatever the situation. I am a very even presence and immediately create stability. I also feel I am smart and funny. I think one thing my children might say is (if they could put it in words) that I have the ability to truly understand my kids on their level. I can really understand them well. These are all strengths in my opinion. Also, I can lift 837 lbs over my head.

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