Zach Lansdowne

B.A. Classics, Loyola University Maryland
Zach Lansdowne Penn Foster Instructor

Zach began his career with Penn Foster in July of 2015 in Student Services. He became a teaching assistant in May of 2016, and his love for learning has lead him to pursue a master's degree in education and teaching certification.

Through his passion for the ancient languages, Latin and Greek, Zach appreciates how they have inspired the modern world in various disciplines such as law, medicine, and most importantly education.

Outside of Penn Foster, Zach spends time engaging in outdoor activities such as biking, golfing, and fishing. He enjoys tutoring students in various subjects and traveling. He is also self-taught on piano. A satisfying Sunday afternoon may include trivia with a good cup of coffee.

“Carpe Diem” – “Seize the day!”


  • PA Private School Certified to Teach Latin K-12

What is one piece of advice you'd like to give students?
Keep asking questions in order to succeed, and don't give up when challenges arise.

What are some of your passions?
I am passionate about educating others as well as myself in order to never lose the drive for new interpretations about the world in which we live.

What is your most memorable experience as a student?
During junior year of high school, I remember my Latin teacher standing in front of the room playing the song “Dancing Queen” by the group ABBA in order for us to remember a certain literary device. Between the dancing and singing, he made an everlasting impression that learning can be fun.

What are some of your personal or professional goals?
Some of my professional goals include obtaining a teaching certification and master's degree in Education, specifically in the Classics.

What is your greatest strength?
My greatest strength is my dedication to a positive outcome with those whom I interact on a personal and professional level.

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