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Online Homeschool Program

Online Homeschooling for High School Students

 Online Homeschooling Program

Whether you are concerned about your child's school environment, you are dissatisfied with the quality of education at their traditional high school, or you simply want to be more involved in your child's academic experience – Penn Foster High School is the perfect homeschooling program to meet your needs.

At Penn Foster, one of the largest licensed private high schools in the United States, you can be assured that you are in control of your child’s educational experience with our affordable, flexible online High School Diploma program.

Regionally and nationally accredited, Penn Foster is licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools, and has been since 1978. Join over 18,000 homeschooled students¹ earning their diploma online at their own pace from Penn Foster High School. Help your child on their path to college² or a career with homeschooling online from Penn Foster.

Why Penn Foster for Homeschool?

Accredited. Gain credentials and skills that will help you in post-secondary education or to enter the workforce with our quality, regionally and nationally accredited diploma program.
Flexible. Get a jump-start on a college degree with our Early College program; control your homeschool curriculum by choosing from twenty career-focused electives in technology, healthcare and business.²
Convenient. We offer a variety of homeschooling resources designed to promote student success. Create your own schedule, set your own deadlines, study online, at home, at a pace that suits you. And, keep track with progress-tracker and customizable goal-setting tools.
Affordable. Pay all at once, or sign up for our monthly payment plan with 0% interest – all materials are included. Transfer credits and only pay for courses needed to graduate.
Support. Get support from our expert instructors and 24/7 access to our online Community with thoughts of high school students of all ages. Online, but not alone.

What Homeschool Students and Parents Say About Penn Foster High School!

Online Homeschooling Program
“I highly recommend Penn Foster to all parents looking for a home schooling high school experience for their child. Your child will find it easier to succeed with all the supports in place, lifting her self-esteem, and likewise lifting her grades...Best of all parents, it won't break your bank… I have a very low income, and with Penn Foster's choice of payment plans, I could afford this program.”
-PJ Thiessen, Virginia Beach, VA, Penn Foster Homeschool parent

Online Homeschooling Program
“My mom and I liked that it's accredited, at your own pace, you could transfer your credits, and that you could talk to teachers from the school. I ended up earning my diploma faster than I would have at my old regular high school.”
-Adriana Guy, Lowell, MA, Penn Foster Homeschool graduate 2014

Online Homeschooling Program
“[My daughter] has excelled since joining Penn Foster.”
-Deana Walker, Penn Foster High School homeschool parent

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¹ Homeschooling Requirements: Penn Foster High School students who are of compulsory age must also comply with home school requirements dictated by their school district, or those students will be considered truant. You need to check the requirements of your district to ensure the Penn Foster High School Program meets the district's home school requirements.

² Credits earned in Penn Foster programs may transfer to some, but not all, learning institutions. Students who plan to continue their education with another school after completing coursework with Penn Foster College should check with that school regarding credit transfer policies. No form of accreditation guarantees that any learning institution will accept credits from any school as transfer credits. And remember, colleges have a variety of entry requirements, and not all colleges recognize all high school diplomas. For a list of colleges that have previously accepted the Penn Foster High School diploma, please click here.

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