All customers accessing Retail Industry Fundamentals for the first time will need to create a new account using the links below.

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If you are a partner organization that is interested in offering courses to your employees through RISE Up or a trainer associated to an existing partner organization, please sign up with us. We're excited at the possibility of working with you and thank you for your interest in RISE Up.


When you sign up as a new Partner you will be able to sponsor individual learners by purchasing a number of seat licenses for use for the learners you enroll. You will also manage Trainers under your account.

Access Details

With partner access, you'll have the ability to:

  • Purchase seat licenses for your learners
  • Manage learner admissions
  • Run reports on enrollment status, learner summaries
  • Add/Manage site locations
  • Purchase learner and training materials


As a Trainer your role is to help instruct and facilitate a group of Learners at one location. You are considered a subject matter expert who is engaged and committed to your Learners' success.

Access Details

With Trainer access, you’ll have the ability to affiliate with a Partner and Site Location to:

  • Run reports on enrollment status & learner progress
  • Purchase learner and training material
  • Manage Learner Admissions

What is the difference between a partner and trainer?

By signing up as a partner, you serve as the primary administrator for the Retail Industry Fundamentals program at your organization. The partner is responsible for the purchase of seat licenses and approval of learners to use those licenses, as well as the overall administration of the program at your site. To support the success of the program, the trainer and facilitator roles are designed for those working with learners at a single location in your organization. While a trainer would be considered a subject matter expert on the program, facilitators are those who are committed to motivating learners and supporting location-level administration.

As a learner, how do I get started?

For learners sponsored by an organization, click HERE for the Learner Application Form. After submission, you should receive an email within 48 hours with results of your pending acceptance into the program, as well as further instructions on how to get started if you are accepted. If you cannot find your organization listed in the form, please contact your organization's program administrator. They will need to create a Partner account as the first step in the process.

For learners who are not sponsored by an organization, please click HERE to access the self-pay enrollment form.

As a partner, how do I get started?

We're excited about the launch of a new partnership with Penn Foster for the delivery of the Retail Industry Fundamentals training and credential. To access the new program through Penn Foster, both new and existing partners will go through the same process to sign up as a partner for Retail Industry Fundamentals. To set up a Partner account, click HERE for the Partner Registration form. Once submitted, you will receive an email within 48 hours with your log-in credentials to the administrative Partner Portal.

As a proctor, how do I get started?

NRF Foundation no longer requires a Proctor for the Retail Industry Fundamentals credential.

As a trainer, how do I get started?

To get started as a trainer for this program, you will apply directly from the Retail Industry Fundamentals website page, or by clicking HERE for the application form. Select the organization which you are a part of to review your application. Once approved you will receive an email detailing the log-in credentials to the Partner Portal. If you cannot find your Organization, please contact your organization's program administrator. They will need to create a Partner account as the first step in the process.

Where can learners take their credential exam?

All exams will be administered online via Penn Foster's Learning Management System.

How long is the training?

Delivered online only, the program will take approximately 10 hours to complete. When delivered in a classroom, estimated time to complete is approximately 12 hours, dependent on the classroom and training structure.

What do learners receive upon completion of the program?

Learners will receive a PDF version of the credential to the email on record. Additionally, the learner will receive a badge to share on social media that highlights the credential they received from the program. Organizations may also download completion letters from the Partner Portal for each learner that completes the credential.

How to I purchase additional seats for new learners?

Once approved as a partner, you'll have access to purchase seat licenses through the Partner Portal. Seat licenses can be purchased via purchase order or directly via credit card. New seat licenses can only be purchased through a partner account; trainers will not have the ability to purchase licenses or approve learners' use of these licenses.

How do trainers access the training materials?

Training materials for classroom delivery of Retail Industry Fundamentals may be purchased through the online bookstore. Following purchase, one physical copy of the training book will be shipped and a link to download a digital copy of the book will be immediately made available. Links to the online store can be accessed through the Partner Portal.

What kind of support will I receive for this program?

Penn Foster offers a multi-tier support system that includes access to live support coaches 8am-8pm Eastern Monday-Friday, assistance from retail industry subject matter experts, and automated outreach communications throughout the 10-hour course.

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