Finding experienced & capable administrative assistants is challenging

Rather than spend weeks or months searching for the perfect, well-experienced administrative assistant for your business, offer your employees the opportunity to learn job-relevant, administrative skills online. Designed to cover the essential clerical skills necessary across many industries, Penn Foster’s comprehensive program provides employees the flexibility to learn on their schedules while working on-the-job. By offering career pathways, employees’ training is aligned with exact administrative needs and has the ability to increase overall employee satisfaction and engagement.

  • Mobile-friendly
    Trusted training provider for 150+ years to thousands of education, government, and industrial businesses
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    Quality training can be developed around your budget and is delivered at low cost and scale
  • Quick Start Support
    Online, mobile-friendly coursework is built for the working learner and allows trainees to learn at their pace, anytime and anywhere
  • Short lessons
    Our unique combination of technology, training content, and services allows us to meet the specific needs of each customer & employee.

Online Administrative Programs

Utilizing our comprehensive business courses, Penn Foster has developed administrative career diploma programs for companies across the United States in high-demand industries like legal and medical. Custom training programs can also be built based on an organization’s unique needs.

Administrative Assistant Customers

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