Create Career Pathways and Offer New Services

With Penn Foster’s online Motorcycle Repair Technician program, you can offer a clear career path for current dedicated employees and train new hires to offer efficient and skilled repair options to your customers. Through lessons on motorcycle and ATV repair, two-stroke and four-stroke engines, electrical and ignition components, learners can prepare to become a skilled repair technician, increasing the services your shop can offer and improving revenue.

300+ active students

97% satisfied with quality of courses

82% extremely satisfied with overall experience

What Penn Foster Can Do for You

Penn Foster’s online Motorcycle Repair Technician training can upskill current employees, and act as a benefit that can attract new talent to your business.  

Improve employee retention

94% of employees would stay with a company longer if it invested in their career. Offering education and training programs can improve retention, loyalty, and build a talent pipeline for your business.

Fill open positions quickly

Employer-provided training and development is becoming as important a job benefit as a 401K. By offering flexible online learning options, you can draw dedicated talent to your company.

Robust reporting

Administrator tools allow you to monitor and track learner progression, access reports, and utilize implementation tools to ensure success from day one. 

On-demand access

Our mobile-first learning platform meets working learners where they are and allows for training through both online-only and blended-learning environments, around their work schedule.

Featured Case Studies

We’ve worked with partners across various industries to grow the skills of their current employees, while improving retention and productivity. Learn more about the staffing firms, clinics, and businesses we partner with to make training available to thousands of workers nationwide.

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Additional Skilled Trades Programs

Your business can take advantage of other repair and trades programs to upskill your employees. Available training includes:  
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