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Developed by the NRF Foundation, The Business of Retail: Operations & Profit is a 13-lesson program geared toward someone interested in advancing their career in the industry or gaining a more in-depth understanding of how a retail business is run. Learners will have the opportunity to develop further understanding of merchandising, marketing, store operations, loss prevention, and best practices for advancing their career in the industry.
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RISE Up with Penn Foster

Penn Foster partners with the NRF Foundation to host The Business of Retail, a RISE Up credentialing course, on our custom-designed, mobile-friendly learning platform. This training will cover a wide range of topics including inventory management, workplace safety, the retail profit model, merchandising, and more!

Why Earn Your Certification in The Business of Retail?

The role of retail workers is growing, now encompassing a broader range of expected duties that requires a variety of skills. Beyond customer service and sales, workers in the industry should expect to take on tasks in all areas of the business and those with knowledge of inventory and operations processes could be more attractive to prospective employers. For those who work in the field, further developing their current skills in the industry can make a difference when leadership roles become available. A credential from the NRF Foundation could help you prepare to take the next steps in your retail career.

Start Planning Your Career Path

The Business of Retail: Operations and Profit online credentialing course offers current retail workers, as well as those looking to begin a career in the field, with flexible classes geared toward furthering their understanding of the industry. Students will learn a variety of skills that can allow them to stand out and confidently take on new responsibility in their workplace.
With interactive, mobile-friendly courses and 24/7 online access to your studies, you can take the first steps toward career advancement wherever you are! Our learning portal is built with busy students like you in mind, giving you an online education experience like no other.
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Q. How long is the training?

A. The program will take approximately 14 hours to complete.

Q. What kind of support is available?

A. Penn Foster provides multi-tier support to RISE Up students, with access to live support coaches from 8am to 8pm Eastern, Monday through Friday. Additionally, learners have assistance from subject matter experts and automated outreach communications throughout the course.

Q. What career paths can this training facilitate?

A. The Business of Retail program will prepare learners to understand the business, from inventory to loss prevention. Along with an overview of career opportunities, students will prepare for career readiness through understanding how to develop a resume, apply for jobs, and more.

Q. What are the requirements to be eligible for the program?

A. Learners must be at least 15 years of age, with a minimum 10th-grade education.

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Disclaimer: The Retail Industry Fundamentals training and credential has been developed by the National Retail Federation (NRF). Penn Foster did not develop, provide or endorse the content, and the courses are not licensed and are not accredited. Penn Foster provides certain non-academic business services to NRF and in that connection is advertising the courses for NRF.