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Retail Industry Fundamentals Credential Details

The program consists of three courses and three exams throughout the program. Once a learner successfully passes all three exams, they will be awarded the Retail Industry Fundamentals Credential.

Important Information

  • Eligibility requirements: 15 years of age, at least 10th grade
  • Course delivery: Online
  • Exam count: 3 online only
  • Enrollment Cost: $99
  • ADA accommodations by request
Retail workers
Sample Materials
Preview a sample section of the Retail Industry Fundamentals training.

View the Retail Industry Fundamentals table of contents.

View a sample section of the Retail Industry Fundamentals exam.
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Disclaimer: The Retail Industry Fundamentals training and credential has been developed by the National Retail Federation (NRF). Penn Foster did not develop, provide or endorse the content, and the courses are not licensed and are not accredited. Penn Foster provides certain non-academic business services to NRF and in that connection is advertising the courses for NRF.