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Program Overview

Invest in your future and complete the foundational courses in technology as a first step towards a new career. Train online, affordably, and conveniently with Penn Foster College’s Undergraduate Certificate in Foundation Skills for Technology. Your lessons include engineering technology, foundations in math and writing, computer skills, and an introduction to technical drawings. There is no classroom needed — learn it all at home or on the go. And as a student with Penn Foster College you can learn at the right pace for you, gaining new skills in a flexible, convenient way.

Curriculum Details

Program Goal and Outcomes

Program Goal

Foundation Skills for Technology provides the courses that meet the general education requirements of Penn Foster Technology degree programs.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Recognize the work habits and characteristics that are demonstrated by successful technicians, including the codes and standards that technicians must know
  • Demonstrate effective quantitative skills by solving math problems using knowledge of the metric system, mathematical formulas, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry
  • Demonstrate effective written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Demonstrate proficient computer and information literacy skills and understand how to use the Internet, library resources, and search engines, as well as word processing and spreadsheet software
  • Understand how to read technical and construction drawings, as well as blueprints, and describe the process of computer-aided design
  • Understand the principles that define and govern the physical universe as we know it in the areas of chemistry, physics, as well as earth and space sciences

Course 1

Basic Skills Assessment

All applicants are required to complete two Basic Skills Assessments, one in reading and one in math, to determine the level of readiness for beginning their selected program. Additional studies may be required.

MET100 Orientation to Engineering Technology 1 credit

Succeed by learning how to use your Penn Foster program, and learn the basics of engineering technology.


  • Understand how to use your Student Portal.
  • Access the Penn Foster Community and use it to find answers.
  • Connect with Penn Foster on various social media sites.
  • Use a scientific calculator.
  • Learn about the development of engineering and engineering technology.
  • Understand technical mathematics.

Course 2

MAT100 Foundation Skills in Math 3 credits

In this course, you'll learn the math skills necessary to succeed in your program.


  • Review basic math functions using real-life examples.
  • Use the metric system and formulas.
  • Get all the tools you need to understand introductory algebra, applied geometry, and practical applications of trigonometry.

Course 3

ENG101 Foundation Skills in Writing 3 credits

This course provides an overview of writing styles for technology applications.


  • Review basic grammar, such as parts of speech, active and passive voices, complete sentences vs. sentence fragments, and parallel construction.
  • Learn to use action verbs.
  • Construct coherent paragraphs.

Course 4

CSC108 Essential Computer Skills 3 credits

What’s the difference between computer hardware and computer software? Find out when you study the basics of computers and the Internet in this course.


  • Manage files and digital electronics.
  • Learn the basics of Windows® and word processing.
  • Search the Internet successfully with techniques and tips.

Course 5

EST100 Introduction to Technical Drawings 3 credits

This course provides students with an overview of visual communication skills necessary to successfully complete the wide range of courses in technology programs that require learning to read and interpret technical drawings.


  • Discover how large amounts of technical information can be conveyed in a drawing.
  • Learn the specialized graphical drawings with symbols and markings showing a detailed plan.
  • Be familiar with the symbols, abbreviations, and drawing conventions used in prints.
  • Understand the international standards and conventions that apply to drawings.
  • Learn the dimensions and tolerances on drawings that describe geometries of parts and assemblies.
  • Interpret prints.
  • Gain knowledge in the processes and technologies used in computer-aided design (CAD).

Textbook: Blueprint Reading and Sketching


Course 6

SCI167 Physical Science 3 credits


  • Define the physical universe as you know it.
  • Get the foundation you need to understand chemistry, physics, and earth and space sciences.

Proctored Exam

Exam information

This assessment will evaluate the knowledge and skills that you learned during the program. You choose the time, the location, and the qualified exam supervisor.

Computer Specifications
As you know this is an online academic program. This means you will need high-speed internet access to begin your program. In addition, you will need access to a Microsoft® Windows® based computer running Windows 7® or later or an Apple® Mac® computer running OS X® or later, and an email account to participate in and complete your program.

We reserve the right to change program content and materials when it becomes necessary.
Microsoft and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation registered in the United States of America and/or other jurisdictions.
Apple, Mac, and OS X are trademarks of Apple, Inc registered in the United States of America and/or other jurisdictions.

Sample Lesson

To view an Undergraduate Certificate in Foundation Skills for Technology sample lesson, click here.

Undergraduate Certificate in Foundation Skills for Technology Program Details

At Penn Foster College you will learn how to create a solid academic foundation to promote success in future college-level studies in technology-related fields. The course credits earned with this program are transferable toward an appropriate Associate of Science Degree in Technology at Penn Foster College.

Online Technology Undergraduate Certificate

Here are a few qualities that successful students have in common:

  • Independent: You are self-motivated and work on your own.
  • Detail oriented: It’s important to have a sharp eye and check things twice.
  • Patient: You understand that good work takes time, and you work well despite obstacles.

After earning my degree I received a pay increase and a promotion to a supervisor position. The instructors are superb, helpful, and are there with you every step of the way. Also, the student services representatives are courteous and understanding; they are there to answer any questions you may have. After each assignment I completed, the staff of Penn Foster always had encouraging statements that helped me to stay on course. Congrats to Penn Foster College on being the best and bringing the best out of me.

- Shawn C., Penn Foster College Graduate

Having a degree will increase my chances of being put at the top of the promotion list. I suggest Penn Foster programs all of the time to my coworkers. I am in the military, and Penn Foster is a very military-friendly school. I got all of my materials shipped to me while I was overseas for deployment.

- Amy G., Penn Foster College Graduate

Your program includes:

  • Customized payment plans with 0% interest
  • Learning aids
  • Goal-setting and progress-tracking tools
  • Instructional support from our experienced faculty
  • Access 24/7 to Penn Foster’s online community, plus immediate membership in the Undergraduate Certificate in Foundation Skills for Technology academic group
  • Your personalized online student homepage and learning portal
  • Additional resources such as our online library and career guidance from Career Cruising

Can students of the Undergraduate Certificate in Foundation Skills for Technology Program transfer any credits to Penn Foster College programs?

Yes. Credits earned in this course are transferable toward an appropriate Associate of Science Degree in Technology at Penn Foster College.

Will college credits from Penn Foster College transfer into another college degree program?

Penn Foster College credits have been accepted for transfer into many colleges across the country. Students should check with a specific college to see if they accept our credits, as credit transfer can vary depending on the school. Also, the American Council on Education's College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT) has evaluated and recommended college credit for many Penn Foster College courses. No form of accreditation guarantees that any learning institution will accept credits from any school as transfer credits. For more information on transferring credits, click here.

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The completion of a certificate-level program does not typically qualify a student for employment. Completion of this program may assist students who have previous academic or work related experience improve their chances for promotion or entry-level employment.

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