Program Goals and Outcomes

Desktop Publishing Goals and Outcomes

Penn Foster's online Desktop Publishing and Design Career Diploma can help students prepare to start an entry-level career as a desktop publisher. Students will learn important skills, like how to use Adobe InDesign®, to prepare for jobs at advertising agencies, in-house marketing departments, publishers, and more.

Desktop Publishing and Design

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Program Goal

The Desktop Publishing career diploma program prepares students for a career as an entry-level desktop publisher, teaching such skills as page design and layout, as well as electronic publishing with InDesign® software.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to...

  • Identify the documents developed with desktop publishing systems and explain the skills necessary to become a desktop publisher
  • Follow the steps involved in the development of a document; explain the electronic publishing process
  • List key elements of a well-designed Web page; identify the various components of a typical document
  • Identify the types and formats of illustrations used by graphic artists; know what it means to import and export art, as well as crop and scale an illustration
  • Plan and design business cards, letterheads, envelopes, promotional letters, résumés, brochures, flyers, and newsletters
  • Plan and design multipage documents such as books, magazines, and annual reports
  • Proofread and edit documents to produce well-written copy and use proper editor/proofreader marks
  • Identify the different types of computer input and output devices and know their purpose; locate the major internal components of a system unit and define their functions
  • List the most commonly used Windows commands and know their functions; customize the Windows OS
  • Customize a computer display; locate files; use the Clipboard and taskbar; view and organize files and folders
  • Create documents for print, digital, and web publication
  • Apply InDesign desktop publishing skills in designing a full-color, two-sided poster
  • Prepare and convert electronically created documents to print

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