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Taking a Study Vacation

Working tirelessly toward your goals is admirable, especially when you’re the one setting the pace in your online program. You’re ambitious, motivated, ready to graduate and get to work!

But… you’re also starting to feel a bit of burn out. You’ve been studying in the same space, looking at the same walls, and rereading the same paragraph for hours.

It’s a struggle to keep your focus where it needs to be and your brain wanders more than it stays on the study unit you’re learning. This means it’s time to take a short study vacation and give your brain some breathing room.

As the summer winds downs, there’s no better time to take a moment for yourself. Here’s a few ways you can take a break from your normal study habits and space for a different scene, all within your budget!

When you don’t want to spend any money...

Boy Reading at Park
  • 1. Your favorite park

    Depending on where you live, summer is more than likely coming to a close and the cloudy, chill days of fall are closing in. Whether or not you love fall weather, studying outside becomes increasingly difficult as the temperature drops. Take advantage of the nice days left by packing up a snack, your textbooks, and your favorite study playlist and set up under your favorite tree or a shady bench. A change of pace can refresh your study outlook and help you get on track. The best part of taking a study vacation in a park is that it’s free!

    • a. Bonus: you can people and bird watch at the same time!
  • 2. The public library

    It’s a classic study stop for a reason. Libraries are quiet, cool, and full to the brim with resource materials. You get a change of scene that can perk your study-logged brain up and the quiet will help you concentrate on what you’re reading. There’s also a sort of companionship to be found at the library where others like you are studying, researching, or just getting away from their usual work spaces.

    • a. Bonus: When you’re ready to pack up your studies for the day, you can leave with a fun book to read for pleasure!
  • 3. At your study buddy’s place

    Have someone in your neck of the woods that is taking the same program? Or do you have a friend who is going to a different school? Whatever you’re studying, having a partner in crime can make the time go by and give you a much needed break from the solo study sessions you’re used to.

    Make a date with your friend to come over so you can study together. Bring snacks and enjoy the occasional break from the books by chatting and catching up with what’s going on in each other’s lives.

    • a. Bonus: You get to hang out with a friend without the guilt of letting your study habits slide and you may be able to help each other out when you’re each struggling with a subject you aren’t the best at.

You have a bit of spending money, but don’t want to go crazy...

Girl at Computer
  • 1. Find a quiet, local coffee shop

    Besides an abundance of caffeine, the best thing about setting up for a long study session in a coffee shop is that many people are there for very similar reasons.

    You’ll find other students perched on overstuffed and worn recliners, sipping a latte while making notes in their textbooks and people tapping away at their computer keyboards trying to finish up that research paper. You’re not alone and the quiet, but busy atmosphere can give you a new setting while you’re trying to understand new ideas.

    • a. Bonus: You can hit up a different coffee shop each day. Local, small cafes are becoming the norm in many towns so you can find a comfy hang space on almost every block. Local coffee shops will often also offer free or very inexpensive refills on your drink if you’re in the shop for a long study session.
  • 2. Hang out in a bookstore

    Most chain bookstores have cafes, so the cost of your studying there can be limited to whatever you pay for your latte or pastry. Studying in a bookstore can be a nice mix of the public library and local coffee shop atmosphere. You have people around you to give you something to focus on when you need to take a break from reading and you have snacks and drinks on hand!

    • a. Bonus: You might find a new paperback to take home with you or a fun new notebook to use for your notes.
  • 3. A local diner

    A nice vacation from your normal study space, taking your notes and books to a diner for lunch can give you a much needed change of pace, while also allowing you to refuel for the afternoon ahead. Grab a bite, settle in and read a few chapters you’ve been assigned in your textbook before heading back to your normal study routine.

    • a. Downside: Unlike coffee shops, libraries, parks, and bookstores, diners or restaurants don’t often like patrons to stay longer than the time it takes to order their meal, eat it, pay, and leave. If you’re looking for a quick study vacation, this is the perfect destination but you may want to keep longer sessions to coffee shops.

When you’re pursuing your education independently, you can easily push yourself to a study breaking point. Study burnout is a real problem and your tired brain won’t absorb all the information you need to excel.

Moving to a new study spot will feel like a vacation for your tired mind AND help you get back into your confident study groove. If you’re still stumbling with the material after your study vacation, Penn Foster has the support and resources to help you get back on track to reach your goals.