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You keep hearing this word accreditation thrown around. Schools are really proud of it. But what does it mean and why does it matter for you as you plan to make your next career move? All the answers will be revealed in this blog.

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You love helping others. It’s your passion. That’s why Penn Foster is holding a conference just for you! Join us the week of October 15 to connect with fellow helping professionals and improve your practices.


You know your biggest goal is to find a rewarding career that not only pays the bills, but makes you genuinely happy to go to work each day. That’s the dream! Your education should help you accomplish a necessary step to make that dream a reality. Here’s how Penn Foster can help you start on your path toward landing the job you’re looking for!

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You’re excited about taking the first steps toward a new career. Your education is helping you learn the skills you’ll need to successfully navigate the duties of your new job. But, there’s the question of actually finding that job. Searching for, and landing, the job of your dreams will take time, research, and skill. Here’s what you need to know to prepare.

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You’re the hero of your own story and it’s time to write your future, the one you want. Being your own back to school hero means taking everything you already have going on in your life, like work or family responsibilities, and making it work. Even further, a back to school hero (like you), can add furthering your education to that list. You know what you want to do, you’re driven to get it done, no excuses. It’s making the decision then taking the steps needed to be as successful as possible. Being a back to school hero is about jumping all in and making sure you achieve your goals no matter what stands in your way. It starts here.

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