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calculator and financial documents in folder.
You are a master at working with numbers and love the ups and downs of the financial world. You know you want to do something in that field, but need to figure out exactly what that is. Accountant and bookkeeper both seem doable, but they also sound like they’re different titles for the same job. Here’s what you need to know about their unique functions for a thriving business.
woman taking notes in cafe.
You know you want to go back to school, but you’re struggling to decide exactly what you want to study. Whether you’ve been turned down for a job you really wanted because of your lack of relevant education or you’re ready to start exploring new career options, going back to school online can help you take the next steps on your own schedule. But where to start? Here are four tips to help you narrow down what program you should take.
woman using apple computer on couch.
How can you start a career when finding a babysitter is always a struggle and the cost of professional childcare is more than what you make at work? If you’ve got an internet connection and a working computer, finding a job you can work remotely might be the right move for you. Here are the top work from home careers you can prepare for, all on your schedule.
person typing on laptop computer.
Online classes seem like the best option for you to reach your goals while still living your life, taking care of work and family responsibilities. You’ve never done an online course before though, and you’re worried about what it’s like to study outside a traditional school setting. Here’s how enrolling and studying with Penn Foster works.
gmail account open on laptop.
When you’re annoyed with a situation at work, your first instinct might be to let the person who annoyed know ASAP. But, while at work, you can’t be openly rude, so you rely on passive-aggressive phrases and messages to get the point across. Do it consistently, and you earn a reputation around the office. Before you get stuck being known as that annoying coworker, check out some of the commonly used phrases in email that can be a bit much, and what you can use instead.

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