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Relationship Building
Building strong relationships is key in helping you get through your challenges and reach your academic goals. From your family and friends, to teachers, classmates and advisors, strong relationships mean you have a whole network of people supporting you and working for your success.
At Penn Foster, we’re proud to have passionate and experienced faculty members dedicated to helping our students reach for the stars. We’re a unique school and so are our educators! We’ll be spotlighting some of our amazing instructors so you can get to know them better! Today, we want to introduce you to one of the most enthusiastic, caring faculty members at PF: Brian Brown, Penn Foster High School Principal.
Online homeschool is built on modern technology, flexibility, and a distraction-free approach to learning. The result? An accredited high school diploma earned on your terms.
freelance items
Flexible income, flexible hours, flexible work environments. If these all sound good to you, you might want to consider a career as a freelancer! But remember, these perks are earned with hard work and a lot of savvy.
passion led us here
Our students have great advice and wisdom to share. And who better to help you through your struggles in your program than someone who’s gone through the same thing? Rocco, a 2018 Student Ambassador and Freelance Writer, shares his thoughts and advice on crossing that program finish line! Check out Rocco’s expert advice in the latest Student Life Blog!

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