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Penn Foster graduates are some of the most dedicated, driven, and amazing people we’ve ever met. From facing challenges head on and defeating self-doubt to reaching their goals, each one has a story to tell. Want to get inspired and hear about life after graduation? Check out these recent Alumni Spotlight Webinar stories and catch up on what you missed.
You want to find a career that truly makes you happy. You daydream about how nice it would be to go into work with a smile and a bounce in your step, but you don’t know how to break away from the routine you’re in now. You feel stuck in your current job, but you have bills to pay and it’s convenient. It might take some extra drive, but you absolutely can change your life and find that dream job. Here’s how two Student Ambassadors did it.
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Gaining confidence is not something that develops overnight, but through years of stumbling through difficult situations. You slowly become aware of your strengths, but even then, you’re still unsure if you’re good enough and doubt the life-changing decisions you want to make. You put your dreams on hold because it’s easier to stay where you are than risk failure. But you know that mentality is getting in the way of your happiness and you need to overcome that fear. Here’s how two Penn Foster grads took the first, difficult step toward their goals and built their confidence.

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