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skilled trade tools
When you’re studying or training for a new job, you want to be secure in the fact that what you’re learning will be relevant. Career education is supposed to help you learn what you need to find a job that’s reliable. Here are some careers and industries that we rely on every day to get us where we’re going that can provide job security to those interested in working in a skilled trade.
Hands on experience is certainly important, but you need a breadth of theoretical knowledge before you actually get your hands greasy. Online study is a convenient way to get that knowledge.
If you’ve been considering a career as an Auto Repair Technician, there are online courses that can help you get started on the path toward your dream job. But how can you learn a hands-on trade online? Knowing how to make the most of your program and take advantage of detailed manuals and instructor assistance can help you learn the essential skills to begin the career path you’re passionate about.
auto repair technician certification
While the skilled trades industries and online education don't seem like they would mix, learning skilled trades online has proven to be an incredibly valuable experience for some of our students! Discover the benefits of learning skilled trades online and meet a Penn Foster skilled trades graduate right here.
careers that stay in style
Most of us rely on our cars daily in order to get to work, go to the grocery store, and many other every day tasks. Without a working vehicle, most of us are in big trouble. In this Student Life Blog post, we take a closer look at exactly why the auto repair field will forever be a career that stays in style!

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