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While more people than ever are taking their next steps toward reaching their career goals through online school, there are still some doubts that might hold you back from enrolling. How can you make sure the money you spend and the work you put in will get you a diploma or degree that means something? There are a few things to look for. Here’s how you can tell if an online school like Penn Foster is legitimate.
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Adopting a healthy lifestyle can seem like a lot of effort with little immediate reward, so with your busy schedule balancing work, family, and all of your other responsibilities, how can you work on becoming a healthier you? Here’s why you should make it a priority to fuel your health to fuel your career and how you can make it work with your busy life.
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Finding a career where you can use all of your skills can be challenging. If you enjoy planning, love working with people, and have a Pinterest board full of colorful place settings, extravagant centerpieces, and delicious cakes, becoming a certified wedding planner may be the job you’ve been searching for. Here’s how Penn Foster can help you say “I do” to your dream job.
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When you spend forty hours or more at work, you end up becoming closer to your coworkers than some of your friends and family members! But should you take that friendship outside of your job? Socializing with your coworkers outside of the office can be a good thing - but you have to be careful not to cross any professional lines. Check out our tips to having appropriate relationships with your work pals when you’re not on the clock.
You’re an independent online student. You know what works for you and what doesn’t when it comes to studying. But sometimes, you can get stuck on a problem you just can’t figure out. Before you lose motivation or decide you’ll just never understand the subject you’re having problems with, check out these easy to use resources.

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