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When you spend forty hours or more at work, you end up becoming closer to your coworkers than some of your friends and family members! But should you take that friendship outside of your job? Socializing with your coworkers outside of the office can be a good thing - but you have to be careful not to cross any professional lines. Check out our tips to having appropriate relationships with your work pals when you’re not on the clock.
two women working
You’re the hero of your own story and it’s time to write your future, the one you want. Being your own back to school hero means taking everything you already have going on in your life, like work or family responsibilities, and making it work. Even further, a back to school hero (like you), can add furthering your education to that list. You know what you want to do, you’re driven to get it done, no excuses. It’s making the decision then taking the steps needed to be as successful as possible. Being a back to school hero is about jumping all in and making sure you achieve your goals no matter what stands in your way. It starts here.
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Do you wish you could turn the hobby you love into the career that you love? You’re amazing at your craft and people always tell you how much they love your work, but you’re not sure that turning this hobby into a job can be practical. But guess what? Other makers like you have made it work; why can’t you? Here’s how to turn your hobby into your career.
Self-care has become ingrained in our language and social media in the last year. Had a bad day? Stay in, watch movies, whip yourself up an amazing dinner; it’s self-care! But caring for yourself can be more than the basic tasks of living or treating yourself after a rough week. Self care is committing to your goals and focusing on your needs. Furthering your education can help you take the steps to be your best self.
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Scientific research over the last 30 years suggests that attitude, or mindset, has a huge impact on your performance in school and in life in general. In fact, students with a growth mindset consistently outperform their fixed mindset peers.

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