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cat sitting on grey laptop.
You want to work with animals and make a difference. Working in the veterinary field is your dream, but you may be unsure of when and how to present your education and skills to potential employers at veterinary clinics. We sat down with Dr. James Hurrell, Director Emeritus of the Penn Foster Veterinary Academy to get some expert tricks for impressing vet clinic hiring managers!
girl on beach sitting next to sign.
It’s no secret that your emotional well-being influences how you feel physically. If you’re sad, you’ll feel tired or sick, and that can have an immediate negative impact on your work or school performance. You don’t have to fake being cheerful to feel different though. These tips and tricks can help your brain feel happier right now.
mug with gold letters saying "boss"
No matter how qualified you are for a position, the interview process can still feel intimidating. You want to do your best, but you’re nervous or unsure of what to say. The best way to tackle pre-interview jitters and up your chances of landing that dream job is preparation! These tips will have you ready to interview like a boss in no time.
man looking at resume
You’ve interviewed at a company you’re really hoping to work for and you know you did great. A day passes, five days go by, and you still haven’t heard anything, and you’re starting to worry: are you ever going to hear back? Should you move on and start following up with other job opportunities or is it worth reaching out to the hiring manager to get an update? Here’s what to do when you don’t hear back after an interview.
man waiting for an interview
After what you thought was an excellent interview, you don’t hear back and find the job was offered to another candidate. Besides being disappointed you didn’t get the position, you might also be confused. What went wrong? Here’s how you can identify and avoid common interview mistakes for better luck in the future.

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